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Holly Madison Loves Her Job!

Sunday 10:45 PM, 22/08/2010
Those of you who follow Holly Madison's TV-show 'Holly's World' on E! know that the former Playboy model is busy with her show 'The Peepshow' in Las Vegas but she still has time to squeeze in a few other events! For example Holly judged the 'Planet Hollywood Bikini Contest' and as you can see she felt right at home among the bikini-clad girls!
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Find a Bikini that Fits Victoria Silvstedt!

Thursday 7:04 AM, 19/08/2010
Always adjusting! Oh no! Whoops!
Victoria Silvstedt is still on holiday enjoying the sun, this time at the Monte Carlo Beach Club in Monaco France. We just want to say one thing, if you are going to be spending the entire summer in a bikini in front of the paparazzi, the least you can do is find cute bikinis that actually fit! Victoria never seems to get it quite right...
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Another Day Another Yacht For Victoria Silvstedt!

Tuesday 8:39 PM, 10/08/2010
Like the animal print? Back with Maurice? So who are the hunks?
Summer is one long, fun ride for Victoria Silvstedt! She is back with her boyfriend Maurice after being seen with a few different men this summer and is enjoying herself, as usual on a borrowed luxury yacht. Seriously this girl changes boats and men like she does her bikinis!
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Ashley Greene is A Trooper!

Sunday 10:08 PM, 08/08/2010
You'd think Ashley Greene would be tired and hung over after her party in Las Vegas the other night but you'd be wrong! The sexy Twilight star showed up at MGM Grand's pool club Wet Republic the next day ready to keep partying in a turquoise bikini! Way to go Ashley!
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Beach Patrol: Alessandra Ambrosio's Nude Beach Look!

Tuesday 7:08 AM, 03/08/2010
They look so good together
We spotted supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio on the beach in Hawaii this weekend with her fiance Jamie Mazur and their daughter Anja Louise. Alessandra showed how hot the nude trend is even on the beach in her super sexy nude bikini!

They look like such a happy and relaxed couple as they splashed around in the waves and snorkelled together. We wish them a very happy and sunny holiday together!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 4:13 PM, 02/08/2010
8. Is Rumer Willis impersonating an air hostess or some kind of out of date teacher's uniform or something? Either way, we don't get this outfit for her. Its way too serious and so is her face. What is she trying to say? we have no idea! 7. Scarlett Johansson is usually great at dressing her curves but this black corsetted suit is so out of date and out of touch for summer, we just don't understand what happened. We are thinking someone else must have dressed her, well we hope so anyway! 6. Even though we give Heidi Klum points for trying something new and we understand she was trying to be high fashion and edgy at her party last week, we just don't think she quite pulled this look off. Sorry Heidi, stick to your own style and stay out of Rihanna's closet! 5. Mira Sorvino is known for her strange taste in red carpet fashion and this mint green, frilly cocktail dress is just as confusing as most of her style choices to us. The style of this dress doesn't flatter any part of her body and it just looks kind of sad and old fashioned. 4. We feel bad for Estelle, she is often taking risks with fashion and that's great, but she never seems to quite get it bang on. We never think wow when we see her outfits. Keep trying girl, you have something going with the eye-popping colour matching, but the fit is still all wrong! 3. Nobody does overdone and trashy gutter princess like Jordan aka Katie Price. At her book signing this week she wore this hideous tutu dress with a picture printed on the front similar to the cheesy picture on her new novel. Ugh! 2. Pamela Bach Hasselhoff  is also famous for her bad fashion and here is a great example of why.  There is just way too much going on here! The busy pattern, the dramatic corset belt, the huge necklace  the tan and all that jewelry. Country and Western bling bling is what we think we are calling this DONT! 1. Oh no Tara Reid what happened to you! Last year it looked like the party girl was finally cleaning up, but this weekend she was spotted falling out of this little black dress that was way too big on top and way too short on her thighs. Then add that her hair was a total mess and her makeup smudged all over face and what you get is a huge mess!
This was a difficult week for us, some ladies were tryiing really hard to get it right with their fashion risks, but still just got it wrong. So we want to give them points for hard work, but that doesn't mean it was pretty. Heidi Klum and Estelle are great examples of fashion tri-hards this week, but there are a few we really wish would try harder too!


Who was worst?

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