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Confirmed: Taylor Swift Does Have a Belly Button!

Monday 5:12 PM, 26/01/2015
One of the big mysteries regarding Taylor Swift, 25, has been whether she has a belly button or not.

It might not be a big thing but ...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashian Posing With A Furkini in the Snow!

Wednesday 11:29 AM, 21/01/2015
There seems to be a fight between Kim Kardashian, 34, and Amber Rose, 31, about who can be the sexiest on Instagram.

Just a couple day...READ MORE ▶
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Lady Gaga Wearing a Shell Bikini in Paris?!

Tuesday 8:00 AM, 25/11/2014
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Amber Rose channeling her inner Kardashian

Thursday 3:09 PM, 16/10/2014
It's not only Beyonce that is making headlines with her new haircut - Amber Rose is also trying hard to steal some of the attention. On this...READ MORE ▶
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Is Beyonce's Instagram Pic The Result Of Photoshop?

Monday 8:56 PM, 14/04/2014
Beyonce is in the hot air after posting a picture on Instagram of her, wearing a bikini, on a golf course. The star has been criticized for the picture, since people say it has been photoshopped.

According to several outlets, her thighs have been retouched, creating a so called 'thigh cap' between her legs, an unhealthy trend on the Internet.

What do you guys think? Is the picture photoshopped or not? Vote here below!


Do you think the picture is photoshopped?

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