Top 11 Women Of 2011!

Saturday 2:20 PM, 31/12/2011
11. JENNIFER LOPEZ. She started of the year with a huge comeback, then she had a very public divorce from Marc Anthony just to finish the year on a yacht with a new boy toy. J.Lo didn't go unnoticed 2011!

Can you believe it, the last day of 2011 is already here! And Hollywood has yet not failed to delivered. It has been a year full of juicy hook ups, devastating break ups, amazing fashion, not so amazing fashion and of course tons of shocking scandals. To refresh your memory we decided to list the most memorable women and men of 2011.

Let’s start with the ladies! Some of them are on this list because of their huge success. Others, well Kim Kardashian, are here because of the endless headlines they’ve given us. No matter the reasons, these 11 women are who we will remember from 2011 and are anxious to see what they’ll bring to the table in 2012!

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hanna(non member) 7
01/01/2012 12:32 PM
Why is Demi Lovato second?
This is the worst list

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02/01/2012 3:13 PM
demi lovato is f'n ugly

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Demi is like a witch

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