Beyonce's Life is Perfect Right Now!

Sunday 11:19 PM, 26/04/2009
Beyonce travels in style!

Beyonce travels in style!

Beyonce wore trendy black pants with zippers all the way down the sides!

Beyonce wore trendy black pants with zippers all the way down the sides!

Not a big fan of those shoes!

Not a big fan of those shoes!

Beyonce has kickstarted her tour of Europe and was spotted leaving JFK airport in New York yesterday to head to Zagreb in Croatia. Also, the star's new movie Obsessed has just premiered in the United States so things seem to be going very well for Mrs. Jay-Z!


Are you going to see Beyonce in concert?!

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weny(non member) 1
28/04/2009 1:47 PM
i live in zagreb and beyonce is so so so good

weny(non member) 2
28/04/2009 1:48 PM
i was on the concert tonight

Meeeeeeee(non member) 3
28/04/2009 2:05 PM
I live in Koprivnica (little city in Croatia, the
capital is Zagreb), but i didn't go to the

Well,duh!(non member) 4
28/04/2009 2:39 PM
She's a billionaire. Of course her life is
perfect,but does that mean she is? No. Nobody
is,no matter how
beautiful,slim,stylish,popular,famous,or rich they

LoVe ThE ShOeS(non member) 5
28/04/2009 4:12 PM
I love those shoes!Sooooooooooo blingalishious!

blank(non member) 6
06/05/2009 3:54 PM
well,duh ,she might not be perfect but peopl still
luv her more than u

usc(non member) 7
31/05/2009 8:34 PM
I want to watch obessed

what she should do(non member) 8
13/06/2009 6:51 AM
everybody loves Bee especialy the kids. I think
that every kid may get to see this beyonce! to
kids its like a dream come true. so come Beyonce
just once get a kid to stay with u for a weekend.
they might even have a good voice or a talent at

bcn mbfndsmn m,ds(non member) 9
09/07/2009 12:30 PM
vcxd v

Why(non member) 10
23/08/2010 11:10 PM
Why do people think because Beyonce is a celebrity
that she can do things that are normal that are
normal, expect going to the store without Camera
following her and love Beyonce <3

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