Beyonce Victim of Nasty Hoax!

Thursday 12:29 PM, 23/04/2009
Beyonce Victim of Nasty Hoax!

Nothing can get Beyonce down!



Gorgeous as always!

Gorgeous as always!

Beyonce was all smiles last night at the taping of the David Letterman show. You would never say that just that morning the whole world was shocked about a terrible-sounding version of one of B's "live" recordings. American radio king Howard Stern played what sounded like a screechy and false Beyonce singing on his show! Don't worry, it was all a hoax and a man has admitted that he messed with the recording. Beyonce really does have an amazing voice, we can't believe anyone doubted her! (Source: TMZ)

Here is what caused all the fuss:
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stupid lady gaga(non member) 1
23/04/2009 8:23 PM
now thats beauty.. xD we love youu b!

Tat (Posh24 member) 2
24/04/2009 2:55 AM
beyonce knowels she looks just stunning in her
white elegent dress .. :)

girlicious100 (Posh24 member) 3
25/04/2009 8:53 PM
I love beyonce and i think that she is a very good
singer and she dresses realy good.

ladyjbar (Posh24 member) 4
05/05/2009 9:14 PM
beyonce is so cool she is perfect to be a mom

lil beyonce(non member) 5
06/05/2009 3:51 PM
b roks .shes my role model and always will b

I love Beyonce(non member) 6
22/05/2009 1:10 PM
OMG he toatly mess it up Beyonce has the BEST
voice on the World and everybody knows that

hey girl(non member) 7
12/03/2010 11:47 PM
where r her nasty pics

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