Beyonce Shows How Much She Cares!

Wednesday 7:29 PM, 24/06/2009
Beyonce Shows How Much She Cares!

Beyonce showing off the food they donate
She is looking gorgeous right now!

She is looking gorgeous right now!

Beyonce shows her charitable side at the launch of Show Your Helping Hand hunger relief initiative in New York yesterday. The aim of the charity is to make sure that everyone in America is able to have atleast a meal a day. Beyonce has become the face of the charity hopes to provide more than more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks. Beyonce shows she is not just a golden girl of pop but has a heart of gold too!
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LilyK (Posh24 member) 1
25/06/2009 6:47 PM
She is gorgeous!!!!!!!

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fahimy(non member) 19
20/08/2009 4:26 AM
beyonce is so cute.................. girl is she

fahimy(non member) 20
20/08/2009 4:27 AM
yeah my aunt is cuter

fahimy the sexy(non member) 21
20/08/2009 4:32 AM
to the left beyonce

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