4 September 1981, Houston, Texas, USA
33 years

Eminem, Shemar Moore, Jay-Z
Beyonce Knowles toured during the late 90´s, with soul group Destiny's Child, but has in recent years chosen to run solo. Today Beyonce work as a singer, actress, model and entrepreneur. At her last album, I am Sasha Fierce, she created an alter ego that is used every time she enters the stage. This is to completely move into the role and make a good appearance. She is since 2008 married to artist and rapper Jay-Z. Her sister, Solange Knowles, is also a singer. Beyonce and Jay-Z got their first child at January 7, 2012. Her name is Blue Ivy Carter.

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Bey is Back! Beyonce Schedules Concert After Blue Ivy's Birth!

Wednesday 8:44 AM, 21/03/2012
We love her!
Beyonce has been on the down low since the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, earlier this year. It's been a little over two months and Beyonc...READ MORE ▶
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Larger Than Life Celebrities! Say It On A Billboard!

Tuesday 10:59 PM, 20/03/2012
Courteney Cox became a cartoon when promoting the TV show "Dirt." Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater. Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa. Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein. This would stop traffic! Kourtney Kardashian for PETA. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham for Emporio Armani Underwear. Hot! Michelle Williams starred in Chicago. Olivia Munn for PETA. Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein. Lucky Ryan Gosling!
Besides being on the silver screen, runway, or the TV, some of our favorite celebs also lend their faces to another HUGE outlet. Billboards. Click on the pics to see some of our favorite bigger than life celebrities.
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Beyonce Looks Amazing!

Tuesday 3:02 PM, 20/03/2012
Cute couple! Look at Beyonce's amazing body!
We spotted the lovely couple, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, leaving Nobu restaurant in New York. Wow, look at Beyonce, she's so beautiful. We love her classy dress, it fits perfectly on her amazing body!
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Check Out This Monsieur Adi Remix Of Beyoncé's End Of Time!

Sunday 8:10 AM, 11/03/2012
Monsieur Adi has taken Beyoncé's End of Time and put a bit of French/Italian spin on it and we freaking LOVE IT! Check out the video below to hear this remix. It will give you party feelings, we promise!
You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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Wednesday Fun: Celebrity Commercials!

Wednesday 7:08 PM, 29/02/2012
Jessica Simpson made some extra money by doing a very cheesy commercial for Pizza Hut.
Easy, breezy, beautiful - Rihanna. In 2007 she become a Cover Girl.
Britney Spears has done a lot of quirky ads for Pepsi. Before his scandals, Tiger Woods did commercial for Gillette for Men alongside Roger Federer and Thierry Henry.
Eva Longoria is one of many female celebs that have done commercials for L'Oréal.
Motorola did a very hot commercial in 2010 starring Megan Fox. We guess many guys bought a new phone after this.
Katy Perry has appeared in ads many times. She was seen in an Adidas commercial last year.
Nespresso, a Swiss coffee company, hired George Clooney for being their front face. George has been in a bunch of ads but none have aired in the US.
Beyonce did a commercial for Pepsi along with Britney Spears and Pink. The Gladiator inspired scenes are such a classic!
Celebrities love making extra money, and the easiest way for them to earn some cash on the side is by doing commercials. Click on the pics and check out celebs like Rihanna and Justin Bieber who work a bit extra on the side.
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Justin Timberlake Parodies Bon Iver on SNL!

Monday 12:08 PM, 20/02/2012
On this past weekend's SNL they did a hilarious skit about Beyonce, Jay-Z, and baby Blue Ivy. Several celebs dropped by the house to say "congrats" like Prince, LL Cool J, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and most hilariously Bon Iver! Justin Timberlake guest starred and play Bon Iver, we love it when he is on SNL. Check out the vid below:

Justin Timberlake does Bon Iver SNL Skit from QandnotU on Vimeo.

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