4 September 1981, Houston, Texas, USA
32 years

Eminem, Shemar Moore, Jay-Z
Beyonce Knowles toured during the late 90´s, with soul group Destiny's Child, but has in recent years chosen to run solo. Today Beyonce work as a singer, actress, model and entrepreneur. At her last album, I am Sasha Fierce, she created an alter ego that is used every time she enters the stage. This is to completely move into the role and make a good appearance. She is since 2008 married to artist and rapper Jay-Z. Her sister, Solange Knowles, is also a singer. Beyonce and Jay-Z got their first child at January 7, 2012. Her name is Blue Ivy Carter.

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Beyoncé Made 70 People Loose Their Jobs!

Wednesday 11:05 AM, 27/04/2011
Would R&B singer Beyoncé really drive 70 people out of employment right before Christmas and knowingly destroy an entire business? The guys over at...READ MORE ▶
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Hiphop Royalty to Sing at Royal Wedding?!

Monday 7:15 PM, 25/04/2011
We spotted a fresh-faced Beyonce leave the Meurice hotel in Paris with her unusually long-haired boyfriend Jay-Z yesterday and the singer was all smiles as she waved to the paparazzi! What she's so happy about? Well, we think it's because the couple has been invited to perform at the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton this weekend! It may be just a rumor but seeing as Beyonce and Jay are in Europe anyway we'd go so far as to say we're pretty sure they'll be bringing it on stage as soon as William has "put a ring on it"! (Source: Daily Star)
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Beyonce Fierce in Paris!

Saturday 11:30 PM, 23/04/2011
If we didn't know these pictures were from a photo shoot we'd be wondering what the heck Beyonce was doing! The singer posed in a Gucci dress on the balcony of the Ritz hotel in Paris yesterday for an editorial shoot for Harper's Bazaar. Beyonce did all kinds of strange poses including sticking her clenched fist up in the air but we'll have to wait for an explanation until the issue comes out!
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Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Cuddling It Up In Paris!

Wednesday 11:07 PM, 20/04/2011
We spotted the world's number one arist couple, Beyoncé & Jay-Z leaving their luxurious Parisian hotel Le Meurice earlier today and head out for lunch at the equally luxurious L'Avenue restaurant. They were surrounded by dozens of paparazzi and fans on their way to the car, all desperately trying to take their picture. While Jay-Z refused to as much as lift his eyes from the pavement, Beyoncé smiled and waved to both her fans and the paparazzi! And people say Beyoncé is the diva out of the two, pfft!
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Wednesday 2:39 AM, 30/03/2011
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