4 September 1981, Houston, Texas, USA
33 years

Eminem, Shemar Moore, Jay-Z
Beyonce Knowles toured during the late 90´s, with soul group Destiny's Child, but has in recent years chosen to run solo. Today Beyonce work as a singer, actress, model and entrepreneur. At her last album, I am Sasha Fierce, she created an alter ego that is used every time she enters the stage. This is to completely move into the role and make a good appearance. She is since 2008 married to artist and rapper Jay-Z. Her sister, Solange Knowles, is also a singer. Beyonce and Jay-Z got their first child at January 7, 2012. Her name is Blue Ivy Carter.

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9 Celebrities Who Just Keep On Getting Hotter!

Friday 8:57 PM, 17/01/2014
Leonardo DiCaprio then (2001) and now. Jennifer Lopez then (1999) and now. Angelina Jolie then (2001) and now. Sandra Bullock then (1994) and now. Jennifer Aniston then (1994) and now. Demi Moore then (1997) and now. Julia Roberts then (2000) and now. Johnny Depp then (1991) and now.
Thought everyone are the hottest when they're young? Think again! We've taken a closer look at nine A-list celebrities who just keep getting hotter as time goes by. Click on the pics and check out them all!
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