Beverly Hills 90210

September 2, 2008
Teen Drama
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Beverly Hills 90210 follows a Kansas family move to Beverly Hills. The family is there to look after the father´s mother. The father, Harry, is also the new principal at his old high school. The two children, Annie and adopted son Dixon become students at West Beverly Hills High School. The whole family has some problems adjusting to their new lives; Dixon thinks about his African-American heritage, Annie has issues with her love life and friends and the parents discover that Harry has a son with his high school sweetheart.
The CW
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Beverly Hills 90210

Actor: Shenae Grimes / AnnaLynne McCord / Jessica Stroup / Jennie Garth / Shannen Doherty / Josh Henderson / Tori Spelling

Shenae Grimes Has The Cutest Ride in Hollywood!

Friday 9:52 PM, 29/10/2010
Its just too cute!
Forget expensive rides for Beverly Hills 90210 for Shenae Grimes! She doesn't drive a bespoke Aston Marton or big beamer, but she does have one of the cutest bikes we have ever seen. No not a Harley, a sweet little vintage looking white bicycle and it even has a woven basket on the front. Adorable!
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AnnaLynne McCord Armani's First "Stylebrity"

Tuesday 11:12 PM, 12/10/2010
She gets to play in Armani Exchange - we are jealous!
This has got to be every fashionista's dream! Beverly Hills 90210 star AnnaLynne has been specially chosen by the people at Armani to be a stylist! She was let loose in the Armani Exchange collection and was asked to style some looks that are going to be advertised as gifts! We bet she got to keep all her looks too! If you want to see what AnnaLynne came with during her "Stylebrity" session click here
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Style duel: The 90210 Girls!

Tuesday 7:03 AM, 12/10/2010
Jessica Stroup Shenae Grimes AnnaLynne McCord
Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord & Jessica Stroup were quickly thrown into the world of glamor, flashing cameras and events when remake of the hit show Beverly Hills 90210 started airing two years ago. The show became as big of a success as the original and it's stars are now invited to red carpets all across the world. The girls were quick to find their own styles and now they're not just rivals on set, their battle continues on the red carpet! They've become die-hard fashion rivals and because they constantly have to pose next to each other, they have no other choice but to always aim for the stars with their fashion ensembles!

Our favorite: Jessica Stroup - Guessed style icon: Audrey Hepburn

Jessica Stroup can never get enough of metallics, whether it be skirts, rings, dresses or bags. She matches them elegant but simple garments which results in a strictly chic and classic style which never borderlines to boho nor rock. She usually opts for a simple loose hair knot with a side bangs and keep her accessories and make up minimal. If someone embodies the old saying "more is less" it's Jessica.

Our runner up: Shenae Grimes - Guessed style icon: Nicole Richie

Shenae Grimes style is undoubtedly boho and unlike her co-workers she chooses loose fitting clothes rather than tight fitting ones. She usually keeps her hair in a loose knot and loves accessorizing her outfits with classic little shoulder bags. Her outfits are usually cute, but mellow.

Our least favorite: AnnaLynne McCord - Guessed style icon: Rihanna

Here's a girl who loves trying new things. She's got a sexy and bubbly style who reflects in her personality, she loves flirting with the cameras! Her favorite clothing are tight dresses and colorful garments. Her sense of style is questionable, but what does it matter when she has so much fun putting her outfits together!


Which 90210 girl's style do you like the most?

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AnnaLynne McCord in a suit - Hit or Miss?

Thursday 7:11 AM, 23/09/2010
We want the pants!
We spotted Beverly Hills 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord on her way to a business meeting in Manhattan yesterday and wow, was she all dressed up! She put together a suit look with metallic cigarette pants, a military colored jacket, white shirt and a long purple tie, draped around her neck like a scarf and red beads. We kind of fell totally in love with this look, but maybe you didn't? Vote!


What do you think?

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Joe Jonas and Jessic Lowndes Make a Cute Couple!

Wednesday 12:53 PM, 22/09/2010
He is just too cute!
Have you heard? Joe Jonas is going to be the new man in Jessica Lowndes life! Well, in her Beverly Hills 90210 character Adrianna's life anyway...That's right, Joe Jonas on 90210! We think he is a perfect match for the show and they are going to make such an adorable couple, don't you agree?! (Source: Wenn)
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Breaking News!

AnnaLynne Named and Shamed on Facebook!

Wednesday 8:47 AM, 08/09/2010
Next time maybe she will stop posing at the paparazzi and concentrate on the driving!
Beverly Hills 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord's private phone number was given out on Facebook this week by an angry guy! No it wasn't on/off boyfriend Kellan Lutz getting revenge, it was someone named Aaron who was trying to teach AnnaLynne and her sister Angel a lesson!

So this is what went down, Aaron claims that AnnaLynne crashed into his car while she was out driving her sister's Mini Cooper and she was really sweet at the scene of the accident, even giving out her number, but later when Aaron called to get the McCord's insurance details, he got a mouthful from Angel and the girls refused to pay for the damage to his car. So Aaron posted AnnaLynne's name, picture and phone number on his facebook page and told all his friends to call and tell AnnaLynne what a "deadbeat" she is! Wow she must be fuming mad with her phone going off! Let's hope Aaron has some good lawyers because we hear AnnaLynne's people are to it! (Source: see the facebook post here on TMZ)
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