Benji Madden looks heartbroken!

Friday 4:04 PM, 21/11/2008

Benji Madden went out partying the same day that news broke of his split with Paris Hilton. Maddens ploy for going out was most likely to prove to the world that he is okay, and not heartbroken after, reportedly, being dumped. However, the rocker looked quite sullen as he went to the Hollywood club Bardot and left shortly after. Benji looked really heartbroken. He kept his head down and stayed on his phone to avoid any questions while he hurried to his car.
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Awwww!(non member) 1
25/11/2008 5:43 PM
Poor Benji :(
I hate you stupid Paris how could
you left him?

I h8 Benji(non member) 2
26/11/2008 10:11 AM
well dine Paris! U could get a way hotter BF than

i h8 paris.(non member) 3
28/11/2008 11:00 AM
she is so stupid.. tryin to be somthink she never
will be!

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