Benji Madden

11 March 1979, Waldorf, Maryland, USA
35 years

Sophie Monk, Paris Hilton
Benji Madden is the lead guitarist in the band Good Charlotte which he started with his twin brother Joel. Their father left them when they were small resulting in a change of their last name from Combs to Madden. He is now dating Paris Hilton.

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Paris Hilton's String of Exes!

Friday 11:25 AM, 12/06/2009
Paris Hilton's String of Exes!
The 2 Paris! Paris got engaged to Paris Latsis in 2005 Josh Henderson 2007 Benji Madden 2008 Australian Tyler Atkins in 2007 Doug Reinhardt 2009 Stavros Niarchos in 2005 Adrien Grenier also in 2007 Alex Vaggo in 2007
As you know, our favourite heiress Paris Hilton and her latest boyfriend Doug Reinhardt split up a few days ago and already she has scored football hero Christian Ronaldo! Paris has always been a bit of a serial dater and actually she has dated some lovely guys! Paris' first very public relationship was with singer Nick Carter back in 2004 since then she has been with everyone from Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, Entourage cutie Adrian Grenier and musician Benji Madden. They are all so different! We wonder if Paris will ever find love, and who will be her next try?


Will Paris ever settle down?

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Double Impact: Famous Brothers!

Tuesday 4:52 PM, 02/06/2009
Benji Madden and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel Disney´s Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse Nick Carter and Aaron Carter Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson Prince William and Prince Harry
Yesterday we showed you some of the most talented sisters in showbiz and now it is the men's turn. Whether they are talented musicians like Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, actors like Ben Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck, child stars like Disney´s Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse or have royal blood like Prince William and Prince Harry, these famous brothers all have the ladies (of all ages) dreaming about them all the time! Who is your favourite famous brother team?


Who´s Your favourite pair of brothers?

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Celebs and their exclusive rides!

Thursday 5:05 PM, 28/05/2009
AnnaLynne McCord has a black Mini Cooper Arnold Schwarzenegger drives a classic beige convertible Audrina Patridge has a Dodge Challenger SRT8 from 2009 Benji Madden has a white Impala SS David Beckham has a cool Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Convertible Jay Leno drives a classic vintage car Jennifer Aniston has a  Range Rover Jessica Alba drives a big SUV John Mayer has a blue Land Rover Kelly Osbourne drives a small Fiat 500 lauren Conrad drives a cool Audi R8 Lindsay Lohan has a white Maserati Natalie Portman has a Toyota Hybrid Prius Paris Hilton seems to like Bentley´s. She has a blue one... ... and Paris Hilton also a pink Bentley! Patrick Demspey drives a cool black and orange Porsche Pierce Brosnan has a Maserati Gran Turismo Robbie Williams drives a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Sharon Stone has a black Bentley
The first thing many people spoil themselves with when they come into some cash is splash it on a fancy new car. Celebrities are no different, and wow do they have some amazing rides! Whether its a legendary Rolls-Royce Phantom like David Beckham, Paris Hilton's custom coloured Bentleys, or a sleek sportscar like Lauren Conrad and Patrick Dempsey, Hollywood stars love their cars to be the most exclusive on the market!


Who´s car would You want?

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Excuse me?

Katy Perry: "I would shag John Mayer"!

Thursday 11:26 AM, 28/05/2009
Katy Perry: "I would shag John Mayer"!
Katy Perry doesn't just like to kiss girls! In an interview with radion station 2DayFM Katy was asked to play a game: Who would she shoot, shag and marry? She said she would marry Pete Wentz because he is such a good father and shoot her friend Benji Madden, and then Katy dropped the shag bomb! She said she would "shag the S*** out of him"! Knowing John Mayer he would probably be happy to make that dream come true for her!
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Celebs Love Their Tattoos!

Wednesday 5:54 PM, 15/04/2009
Angelina Jolie Audrina Patridge Amy Winehouse Benji Madden Spot Kate Moss's little anchor tattoo on her arm You can always fake it like Mariah! Megan Fox - Angelina wannabe? Melanie Griffith Posh Rihanna's wrist tattoo
Fans will know that both Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan have added to their tattoo collections this month. First Lindsay and her gal pal Lily Allen got matching "Sshhh" tattoos on their fingers just like Rihanna's one. Then Rihanna got those guns on her ribcage. Well these girls didn't stop there, they both got inked again this week! Lindsay with a Marilyn Monroe quote on her wrist ""Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle." While Rihanna is keeping hers a secret for now! Tattoos are so hot right now!


Whose has the best tattoos?

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Nicky Hilton Tries out her Pokerface!

Monday 7:43 PM, 02/03/2009
Nicky Hilton Tries out her Pokerface!
On-screen Brothers Ray Romano and Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond" Shannon Elizabeth Danny Masterson Kristy Swanson Benji Madden Jennifer Tilly Tia Carrere Johnathon Schaech Nicky Hilton looks confused Don Cheadle
We were surprised to see Nicky Hilton at a poker competition too! It was all for a good cause though. The celebrities who are invited to the Los Angeles Annual World Poker Tour Invitational have to donate all their winnings to charity! It doesn't look like Nicky did very well though, or is that just her pokerface? Nicky's sister Paris Hilton's ex Benji Madden was also there, as were Tia Carrere and Johnathon Scaech
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