Red Hot Lip Tips!

Lady Gaga, new years, sunglasses, red nails, red lipstick, headband, golden dress, earrings
Red lipstick - such a great thing! It brings out your femininity and turns boring into glamorous in just one minute! Celebrities are constantly using this simple trick on the Red Carpet and in their everyday life. Click on the pics to see ten celebrities wearing red lipstick and get ten tips for you to look as lip-a-licious as them all day (or night) long.
Mischa Barton, jetski, miami beach, dotted bikini, pin up style, red lipstick
Mischa Barton
Focus on your lips. If you over-do your eye make up you tend to look like a clown.
Madonna, red lips, diamond earrings, smiling, make up
Start by exfoliating your lips to remove dead skin.
Kim Kardashian, red lips, diamonds, waving, wavy hair, marie claire, black dress
Kim Kardashian
Always make sure your lips are moisturized!
Angelina Jolie, close up, diamond earrings, red lipstick, golden globe
Angelina Jolie
Create a proper base to work on. Apply just a small layer of foundation or powder on your lips to make your lip stick stay on.
Vanessa Hudgens, beige jacket, golden necklace, red lipstick, short hair, wavy hair
#vanessa_hudgensUse a lip liner to make your lipstick last longer.
Leona Lewis, waving, wavy hair, tattoo, white dress, fake lashes, red lipstick
#leona_lewisNever use a lip liner that is darker than your lip stick. Big no-no!
Jessie J, leopard dress, golden earrings, red lipstick, black make up, curly hair
#jessie_jPut on the lipstick carefully and make sure nothing gets outside of your lips.
Kate Moss, net dress, red lips, middle part, blonde
Kate Moss
Never ever try to make your lips look bigger by putting the lipstick outside of your lips.
Holly Madison, curly hair, hollywood hair, red lips, black bandeau dress
Holly Madison
If you'd like, you can finish with just a hint of lip gloss on top to shine even more!
Published Jan 24 2012 8:13 PM
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