Make Up Tips To Look Like A Model!

Do you sometimes wish for a smaller nose, a model-like jawline, or a more slender face? Well we have some amazing tricks and tips that don't involved plastic surgery and scary chemicals! All you need is some dark powder (like a bronzer), foundation, your favorite make up brush, and a white, shimmery eyeshadow!

Smaller nose:
Blend the light colored eyeshadow onto the bridge of your nose and then blend a bit of bronzer on the sides of your nose, this will trick your eyes into thinking that your nose is smaller.

Slimmer face and High Cheekbones:
Place a line of bronzer right under your cheekbones, extend all the way to your eyes, continue along your hair line but stop right after your eyes. Now, blend, blend, blend. You don't want to see any sharp contrast between the bronzer and skin. Then, take your light colored eyeshadow and put it right on your cheekbones, curve it up so that it hits right underneath your eyebrows. Blend! And voila, you now have a slimmer face!

More defined jawline:
Put a bit of bronzer on your brush and blend it in a straight line along your jawline, right underneath your jawbone. Continue the line from your ears to your throat and then bring the line so that it goes right down your throat, you should have two lines on either side of your throat. Blend! And now you have the jawline of a model!
Megan Fox pink dress pink lips countouring smokey eyes long brown hair
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's cheekbones are to die for!
Christina Aguilera red lips countouring blond hair pin up make up black lace dress
Christina Aguilera isn't that good at blending!
Eva Mendes light brown hair pink lips countouring
Check out Eva Mendes! She has amazing cheeks and an sharp jawline!
Ashley Tisdale blue dress smokey eyes pink lips blond hair pony tail
Ashley Tisdale kept the look soft.
Demi Moore long black hair countouring red lips white dress
Carmen Electra defines her nose and chin and cheeks!
Carmen Electra red shirt sharp eye make up countouring pink lips silver halsband
Gisele Bundchen has really defined cheeks!
Super model and UN environmental Ambassador Gisele Bundchen white one shoulder dress pink lips statement neckless
Kate Bosworth is a fan of the countouring too!
Kate Bosworth pink lips pale countouring blond hair beige trench coat one green and one brown eye
Megan Fox uses these tricks for her nose and her cheeks!
Reese Witherspoon  brown knitted shirt red blouse countouring cheeks smokey eyes messy hair
Reese Witherspoon's cheeks are nicely defined!
Published Oct 14 2011 5:16 PM
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