Barron Hilton

1 January 1989, USA
26 years

Barron Hilton is Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton's brother. Was arrested for DUI in 2008.
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Paris Hilton Threatens Lindsay Lohan After Brother Is Attacked!

Monday 8:33 AM, 09/12/2013
This weekend Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron Hilton was attacked by a man, ordered by Lindsay Lohan. It all happened when Barron trash...READ MORE ▶
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Diamonds are Paris Hilton's Best Friend!

Friday 11:57 PM, 30/04/2010
Paris Hilton and her brother, Barron Hilton Shopping! looking hot! This is how you do it!
We spotted Paris Hilton and her brother Barron Hilton on a shopping spree on Sunset Boulevard yesterday. Paris showed that she doesn't need Doug Reinhardt for a diamond ring, her own credit card does just fine! Paris was showing off a beautiful diamond bracelet off as she taught her little brother to shop til he drops - Paris style!
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Paris Hilton Kisses Up To Grandad!

Thursday 10:00 PM, 15/04/2010
Aw! Rick Hilton
3 generations of Hiltons enjoyed dinner at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood last night! It looks like Paris Hilton and her grandfather Barron Hilton have finally made up too, they were very affectionate with each other! Fans will know that Paris' grandfather disinherited her of her 51 million dollar share of his Hotel fortune in 2007 after he was so embarrassed by her bad behaviour! It was the same year the sex tape got released and Paris was hit with a prison sentence after her DUI. All that is in the past now, as you can see. The Hiltons are one big happy family again!
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Paris Hilton Gives it Another Go!

Sunday 12:18 AM, 17/05/2009
Paris Hilton Gives it Another Go!
Believe it or not but Paris Hilton's show My New BFF is up for a second season and this time we hope Paris actually finds a best friend! The press event for Season 2 was held at the Barron Hilton Estate yesterday afternoon for which the heiress wore a pretty green dress and sparkling shoes. Her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was nowhere to be seen but since they never leave each other's side we're guessing he was somewhere in the background!


Will you watch Season 2 of Paris Hilton's My New BFF?!

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Flashy couple!

Barron Hilton is nothing like his sisters!

Thursday 6:12 PM, 28/08/2008
Cute couple!
What a Gentleman! He gave her a rose!
Paris Hiltons kid brother, Barron Hilton and actress Daveigh Chase leave Coco de Ville in Los Angeles. Coco de Ville is an exclusive lounge connected to the trendy STK restaurant in West Hollywood. Barron looks boring in his grey clothes, nothing like we are used to see the Hilton sisters in!
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