Ayda Field

17 May 1979, California, Usa
35 years

Robbie Williams
Ayda Field is an American television actress who has starred in several tv-shows. She is mostly known for dated Robbie Williams. Field first became known on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives. Ayda Field attended high school with Jake Gyllenhaal.
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Robbie Williams To Become A Dad Again!

Tuesday 9:17 AM, 29/04/2014
Robbie Williams is to become a father again. The 40-year-old singer and his wife, Ayda Field, are expecting their second child together. "Ay...READ MORE ▶
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Robbie Williams Is Now A Dad!

Wednesday 8:37 AM, 19/09/2012
Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field are now parents for the first time! The little girl, Theodora Rose Williams, was born yesterday: "Baby, Mum...READ MORE ▶
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Robbie Williams Is Going To Be A Father!

Friday 4:32 PM, 30/03/2012
Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field are having their first baby! Congratulations to you guys!
Robbie Williams has announced on his website that his wife, Ayda Field, is pregnant with their first baby. He wrote: "Hey friendlies, I've been kee...READ MORE ▶
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Robbie Williams Marries Ayda!

Sunday 2:18 PM, 08/08/2010
Sorry ladies, Robbie Williams is offically off the market! The former Take That singer married his gorgeous actress girlfriend Ayda Field at a lavish ceremony at his mansion in Los Angeles yesterday evening in front of his family and just a handful of close friends. The couple who were engaged at Christmas had first planned to have the wedding on the Santa Catalina island off the California coast but switched venues when news of the wedding leaked. In his vows Robbie promised Ayda that he woud stop smoking, so that they could have children soon! Congratulations! (Source: News of the World)
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Yes please!!

Which Hollywood Bad Boy Do You Like Most?

Friday 3:50 PM, 12/02/2010
Rocker Tommy Lee isn't exactly every mother's dream son-in-law, but women seem to find him irresistable anyway, even with that famous bad temper of his! John Mayer loves the ladie, especially the blonde, famous ones! He has been with Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few. He is a famously bad boyfriend who talks publicly about his private sex love with his girlfriends, but he gets away with it every time, the ladies still love him! Pete Doherty might be the worst of the bad boys! His life really is all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. It all got too much for supermodel Kate Moss, but the ladies still fall all over Pete for attention! Pop legend Robbie Williams has broken alot of hearts along his journey as a star, but now he has found true love with Ayda Field, he says. Lets hope for them it lasts! Another bad boy fallen in love! Johnny Depp breaks all the rules of Hollywood and thats probably why he keeps being voted the sexiest man alive year after year, sorry ladies, Vanessa Paradis has stolen his heart though! Vince Vaughn doesn't seem like such a bad boy when you look at him, but we hear his sweet looks are deceiving! Plus Jennifer Aniston has dated him and everyone knows she love the bad boys! Brandon Davis is a millionaire playboy who is not at all shy when it comes to the ladies! He has dated everyone from Paris Hilton to Mischa Barton but never ever gets too serious! Would you date him too? Colin Farrell was Hollywood's most famous bad boy for a long time, with many women falling for his naughty Irish charm and accent! We totally understand why too! Lately though, Colin has changed, he says fatherhood has made him grow up!

Russell Brand, was voted "shagger of the year"  in England 4 years running he was such a ladies' But that was all before he got clean and sober and of course, before Katy Perry! Russell keeps saying he is a changed man, but we say once a bad boy, always a bad boy! Before Kevin Federline became famous as the back-up dancer who stole Britney Spears' heart, he was a heartbreaker of note!
We never get tired of the bad boys, do we? They are just so sexy and irresistable! Especially the Hollywood bad boys, who are extra hot! Many Hollywood starlets feel the same way about a bad boy and have fallen for hunks like Russell Brand, John Mayer and Tommy Lee over and over again, plus these poor ladies get their crushes spilled all over the tabloids too! This doesn't seem to stop them from falling for these guys though! Here are some of our favourites, who is yours?


Min favorit Bad Boy är:

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Was your proposal a joke Robbie Williams?

Saturday 5:45 PM, 28/11/2009
Was your proposal a joke Robbie Williams?
The singer and practical joker Robbie Williams arrived in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Ayda Field Friday morning after he proposed to her on the air. Though he and his publicist have dismissed the proposal as a joke and Field arrived without an engagement ring on her finger, Williams mother confirmed the engagement and said that they`ve been together for nearly three years, so it`s about time. Is this a big step for the happy couple or just a trick played on hopeful fans and eager media outlets? We like Robbie so we hope that his proposal was for real!
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