Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner Are Still Together!

Sunday 6:02 PM, 18/09/2011

Do you know who else is going on strong at the moment? Avril Lavigne and The Hills star Brody Jenner! We spotted them hanging around in Paris on Friday, appearing to be more in love than ever.

When these two got together we were sure that it wasn't going to last long. They didn't appear to have anything in common and we suspected that Brody was attracted to Avril's fame more than her personality. But after 1,5 years together, it's pretty safe to say that they have proved all the disbelievers wrong!
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yaya(non member) 1
18/09/2011 8:08 PM
Does she only have a pair of shoes!!!???

Diddy(non member) 2
19/09/2011 2:40 PM
Woo! :)

737333777373793129-(non member) 3
19/09/2011 3:00 PM
i love her jacket its awesome go avril

xxCatherine101xx (Posh24 member) 4
02/10/2011 6:06 PM
Avril is so pretty :)

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