Avril Lavigne

27 September 1984, Ontario, USA
29 years

Deryck Whibley
Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer whose hit song Complicated catapulted her to international stardom. She married Deryck Whibley in 2006. She is friends with Pink and Vanessa Carlton and her favorite actors are Tobey Maguire and Sandra Bullock. Avril is 157 cm tall.
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Awkward Celebrity Smiles!

Monday 9:16 PM, 21/11/2011
Robbie Williams looks like he's in pain! Drew Barrymore. Oh Prince Harry! Anne Hathaway, what's so funny? Piper Perabo! Botox much, Kathy Griffin? Nicole Scherzinger Avril Lavigne.
Sometimes celebs forget to put on their game face when facing the paps. They flash those pearly whites and the result is blinding...and not in a good way! For all you wanna-be stars out there, remember, practice your smile! Too much teeth can look scary! Click on the pics to see more celebs who said "cheese" a bit too hard!
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Winter Fashion: Choose Bold Over Boring Black

Thursday 6:13 PM, 10/11/2011
Oh, Nikki Minaj, we like your star tights, but everything else is crazy! Jessie J at The Q Awards, dressed in all black! Looks cool! Phoebe Price dressed in a light grey outfit. Avril Lavigne, always a punk princess, wearing ripped tights. Not hot! Celebrity and interior designer, Bobby Trendy, in golden tights. We would really like to know what he was thinking, because we have no idea! Cher Lloyd rocking a pair of high waisted tights. Nothing can break Jessie J! Pairing her crutches with a pair of studded white tights - nobody does it like Jessie J! Jessie really loves crazy tights, and we do too! The never ordinary Lady Gaga in lace tights paired with a complete lace outfit! We love this on her, it's just the right amount of crazy!
It's that time of year, the temperature has dropped, and it's just getting colder and colder, so it's time to cover up those beautiful legs. Pair your favorite summer dress with a pair of tights, we especially love colored or patterned tights, they're perfect for staying warm and fashionable! We really loved Lady Gaga's lace tights and while we give Nicki Minaj points for creativity, hers were a bit too weird! Click on the pics and check out our favorite celebrity tights!

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Avril Lavigne Attacked In Bar Fight!

Tuesday 4:47 PM, 08/11/2011
The couple left the bar and went straight to the hospital. Avril is known to be a party princess. But maybe a few nights at home would be better now? Cute Brody, we hope you feel better soon!
On of our fave rockers, Avril Lavigne, was recently attacked in a bar fight! Avril was at a bar with her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, they were drinkin...READ MORE ▶
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Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner , The Most Low-Key Couple Ever!

Monday 4:14 PM, 26/09/2011
We spotted Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner grocery shopping together! They're still going strong and despite being part of a (crazy) reality TV family, they seem remarkably low-key!
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Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner Are Still Together!

Sunday 6:02 PM, 18/09/2011
Do you know who else is going on strong at the moment? Avril Lavigne and The Hills star Brody Jenner! We spotted them hanging around in Paris on Friday, appearing to be more in love than ever.

When these two got together we were sure that it wasn't going to last long. They didn't appear to have anything in common and we suspected that Brody was attracted to Avril's fame more than her personality. But after 1,5 years together, it's pretty safe to say that they have proved all the disbelievers wrong!
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From Reality to Runway: Kylie Jenner Walks in NYFW!

Tuesday 5:15 PM, 13/09/2011
She looks great! Avril was so overwhelmed she cried! Kardashian family support!
Kardashian reality star, Kylie Jenner, recently walked at New York Fashion Week for Avril Lavigne's collection, Abbey Dawn! Kylie looked super fierce with maroon dyed tips and dressed in Avril's signature punk chic style! Will Kylie move from reality to runway? We hope so! But we suspect that Kylie's older brother, Brody Jenner, who's dating Avril, may have had something to do with this!
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