Aubrey O'Day

11 February 1984, San Francisco, California, USA
31 years

Aubrey O'Day is an American actress, singer and dancer. She's a former member of the group "Danity Kane" and has posed for Playboy Magazine. Aubrey O'Day had a role in the musical "Hairspray" on Broadway. She is a big baseball fan and her favourite team is the Boston Red Sox.
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The Best Celebrity Costumes This Halloween!

Monday 8:45 AM, 03/11/2014
Heidi Klum Claudia Schiffer & Matthew Vaughn Snoop Dogg Alessandra Ambrosio with son Noah Kendall Jenner & Cara Delevingne Kelly Osbourne Adam Lambert Aubrey O'Day Ashanti Zoe Kravitz DJ Pauly D
Judging by the effort they put into their costumes, Halloween seems to be a real celebrity favorite. Here are the best photos from the weeke...READ MORE ▶
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Aubrey Melissa Colours Her Dog Green!

Friday 9:21 AM, 02/03/2012
We spotted Aubrey O'Day out and having lunch with her friend at Toast Cafe in Los Angeles. Cute dogs but why is the fur so green, have she colored the dog?

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Hair Tip: Tired of Hair Color That Fades?

Tuesday 6:19 PM, 18/10/2011
"Hairspray" actress, Aubrey O'Day, loves the really fiery red look and we do too, but it takes quite a few products to keep it that red! Ashley Tisdale knows that as a blonde you need to give your hair some attention! We love the color on Emma Stone's hair! Even if you are a brunette your hair need some color boost treatment! Blake Lively could add some lighter highlights to make her hair less brassy! Katy Perry knows how fast hot pink hair fades! Too bad there's no hair masks for hot pink hair!
If you color your hair then you know that fading is inevitable! After just a few weeks the color goes from bright and bold to totally boring! It seems like the only answer is to re-dye, which just damages your hair even more! Thankfully, we found a few great tips to help keep the color without having to re-dye week after week!

1. Use a hair mask that has color pigmentation or color protection properties, you should only use it about once or twice a week. We really love Maria Nila Colour Masque. Maria Nila comes in a range of colors and will give your hair an instant color boost! We also like Nutri Color Creme from Revon Professional .

2. People that color their hair want to make up for it by doing hair treatments and moisturizing masks, sometimes even every day! This is great for your hair, but bad for the hair color! Hair masks will cause the color to fade faster and will strip your hair of it's newly colored shine. When you color your hair you should only use products that are designed for colored hair.

3. Remember that you don't need to wash your hair every day. You can go several days without washing your hair, if this seems hard for you start by washing your hair every other day and go from there! Washing your hair every day will strip it of its new color and natural oils.

4. End every wash with rinsing your hair in cold water, this will help to seal in the color for longer periods of time! It will also make your hair less static-y!
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Selena Gomez: The Star of Perez Hilton's Blue Party!

Monday 3:21 PM, 28/03/2011
Aubrey O'Day & Melissa Molinaro A poofy skirt obviously! Bridget Marquardt and Nick Carpenter Taryn Manning arrived in black and gold - didn't she get the memo? The Chad Victoria Justice Dita Von Teese Eliza Dushku Jenna Jameson Joanna Krupa
Perez Hilton, the gossip king turned nice guy held his annual birthday bash this year at the Siren Studios in Los Angeles. The theme was blue and Perez was dressed as a clown with a red wig and denim overalls. It looks like this new "nice" act of Perez's isn't really working out for him. There were hardly any A-listers at the party. Selena Gomez was definitely the hottest celeb there and she had the best outfit, oh and Dita Von Teese was gorgeous as usual. Here is who else was there....
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 9:57 PM, 14/03/2011
Ok so this week there are a few hot mess dresses and outfits we wish had never made there way into our lives! Some of the usual susp...READ MORE ▶
9. Ok so these colors are kind of pretty on Emma Stone, but this dress is a really bad fit and is way too old for her! 8. Katy Perry's blue hair, we are just so over it! 7. Is it just us or has Fergie seriously slipped way down on the fashionista charts lately? When last did she just look pretty and hot and well styled? We can't even remember. We think she is trying too hard! 6. Another strange choice of outfit from Lindsay Lohan for her court appearances. This time a way too tight beige leather mini. She looked totally washed out, especially with the bleached hair 5.  Perez Hilton don't you have the cash to hire a stylist yet? Ask one of your star buddies for help then! You need it! 4. Jersey Shore's Deena Nicole Cortese in a ridiculous snakeskin number that looks like it came off some hideous warehouse discount rack, nothing sits well! 3. Oh NO! Vanessa Hudgens has committed one of the worst crimes of fashion ever - camel toe! Shame on you V, you of all people should know better! 2. Aubrey O'Day is known for her ridiculously frilly, dolly style, especially on the red carpet! That is why she is often the girl in the silliest most costumey outfit around. 1. Kelly Bensimon is crazy we all know that, but wow, who ever thought she was crazy enought to arrive on a red carpet in nothing but a bad fitting leotard and a cardigan, Yuck!
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Happy Birthday Paris...Again!

Sunday 8:08 AM, 20/02/2011
Happy Birthday...again! Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Aubrey O'Day Paris and Cy Brian Bertrand
It wouldn't be like Paris Hilton to celebrate her birthday with just one party so we weren't surprised when she threw a second birthday party at Lavo in New York! Paris showed up on the red carpet in a gorgeous midnight blue sequined dress and boyfriend Cy Waits on her arm! Hope you had fun Paris!
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