Ashton Kutcher

7 February 1978, Iowa, USA
36 years

Brittany Murphy, Demi Moore, Amy Smart, Ashley Scott, Lisa Kelly, Lucy Liu
Ashton Kutcher is an American actress who is mainly known for his joke program Punk'd on MTV and his roleinterpretation of Michael in I That 70's show. He chose to jump off his engineering at the University to instead try to succeed as a model and actor, which he did. Besides the acting Ashton Kutcher loves to cook, which he may express on his Los Angeles-based restaurant, Dolce.

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Ashton Kutcher In Court! Suing the DMV!

Wednesday 5:07 PM, 04/07/2012
Is Ashton in the right?!
Don't mess with Ashton Kutcher! Even if you are a large government agency like the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Ashton and his producing par...READ MORE ▶
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Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Aren't Hooking Up- They're Dating!

Tuesday 5:09 PM, 26/06/2012
He's crazy about her!
Last month we revealed that Mila Kunis dating her former co-worker Ashton Kutcher. We haven't heard much from the couple ever since, but now source...READ MORE ▶
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10 Hottest Singles Right Now!

Wednesday 7:12 PM, 13/06/2012
Heidi Klum is a hot mom! Taylor Lautner has a great smile. Cameron Diaz is wealthy and healthy, she might be dating P Diddy- but that is probably just a rumor. Bradley Cooper is a bad boy. Ashton Kutcher is newly single and ready to mingle. No more Chris Brown-drama for Rihanna! Zac Efron is building a career and just broke up with Lily Collins. Lady Gaga is a single lady. Cheryl Cole is on the market right now!
Admit it! You've dreamt about marrying a celebrity, maybe someone like Ed Westwick? We definitely have! And we get mad when our favorite crush-worthy stars starting dating someone, because hey, maybe we really did have a chance?! Well, you're in luck because we just list the 5 hottest single men and women in Hollywood. Click on the pics and daydream away!
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Backstage At Ashton Kutcher's New Movie!

Sunday 9:03 AM, 10/06/2012
Nice beard you've got Ashley!
We saw Ashton Kutcher sneaking around backstage on the set of his new movie 'Jobs'. Something is different about you Ash.. right, it's the beard! We like it.
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Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore - Getting Back Together?!

Monday 8:26 AM, 28/05/2012
Is Ashton worth a second chance? Are they getting back together?
After last year's huge cheating scandal, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got divorced. They haven't spent much time together ever since, but now they...READ MORE ▶
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Top Ten Single Hollywood Hunks!

Tuesday 12:14 PM, 22/05/2012
2. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl" is now single. He is amazing. 3. Our viking crush, Alexander Skarsgard 4. Taylor Lautner has abs of steel and a killer bod. 5. We love that Jake Gyllenhaal is single, he has both looks and fashion sense. A great combo! 6. James Franco is a real catch! 7. Bradley Cooper is a great example of what a real man should look like! 8. Zac Efron was long linked with Vanessa Hudgens, but now he is single and looks great on him. 9. "30 Seconds to Mars" singer, Jared Leto is one handsome man! 10. Gerard Butler has a rugged style and we think it's hot!
You guys know that we're completley obsessed with Hollywood relationships- we follow the every move of hot couples like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But unfortunately guys like RPatz are taken, so our attention is now on the single Hollywood hotties! Click on the pics to see our top ten single A-Listers!
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