Ashton Kutcher

7 February 1978, Iowa, USA
36 years

Brittany Murphy, Demi Moore, Amy Smart, Ashley Scott, Lisa Kelly, Lucy Liu
Ashton Kutcher is an American actress who is mainly known for his joke program Punk'd on MTV and his roleinterpretation of Michael in I That 70's show. He chose to jump off his engineering at the University to instead try to succeed as a model and actor, which he did. Besides the acting Ashton Kutcher loves to cook, which he may express on his Los Angeles-based restaurant, Dolce.

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Mila and Ashton Making Their First Public Appearance Together!

Saturday 7:12 PM, 13/10/2012
We think Mila and Ashton are a way better couple than Ashton and Demi.
And it's about time! Tuns of paparazzi photos have been taken of the couple sneaking around in New York lately, which is totally unnecessary. They don't have to sneak around! We mean, everyone knows Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been dating for a while but neither of the actors rep will confirm it. Well, we think it's pretty official now since the couple was seen and photographed at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey the other night for the Jets game. Ashton even fed Mila in public with some of his ice cream. Naw! How more super-cute-because-we-are-so-freakin-in-love can it get? (celebitchy)
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Watch Miley Cyrus Debut In Two and a Half Men!

Saturday 9:50 AM, 13/10/2012
Fianlly! The first clip of Miley Cyrus in Two and a Half Men has just been released. Miley tweeted out to her fans “Here’s the 1st look at my appearance on@TwoHalfMen_CBS!” and we can't wait until we get to see the entire episode, which will be airing next Thursday.

Watch the clip below and tell us if you're excited about Miley joining Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the cast! (gossipcop)

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Guess The Hottie Behind The Hair!

Friday 9:18 PM, 12/10/2012
With age comes grey hair and an increased hair growth, just ask Ben Affleck! Jake Gyllenhaal sort of looks like Zach Galifianakis in this picture! Shia LabBouf let it grow wildly, maybe not the best idea... Can you believe it? Either can we! Here's an entirely different Ryan Gosling than we're used to. Not only does it looks like Ashton Kutcher hasn't showered for like two weeks but what's up with the hat? We sort of hate it! Grey long goatee has never been a sexy look. Just saying, Brad Pitt!
Men with a nice beard can be pretty sexy....Sometimes! Then there are times when the case is quite the opposite and the hair growth looks like it has bugs crawling in it. Yeah we know, EWW! These normally hot guys, decided to go for a hairier look and to be honest we barely recognized them. Check out our gallery and see if you can point out the hottie behind the hair!
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Engagement Approaches Between Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis?

Saturday 10:10 AM, 06/10/2012
Do it, man!
Is Ahston Kutcher preparing to propose? I really looks like Ashton's relationship with Mila Kunis is moving quickly! Even though he's not technica...READ MORE ▶
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Burn! Mila Kunis Turned Down Ashton Kutcher's Secret Proposal!

Friday 7:44 AM, 28/09/2012
"Get rid of your ex-wife first!" says Mila Kunis to Ashton Kutcher.
"Will you marry me?" said Ashton Kutcher to Mila Kunis. "Ehm no thanks!" she replied! Ouch, burn! A friend of Mila has spilled the beans that Ashon...READ MORE ▶
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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher On A Romantic Holiday Away!

Thursday 8:41 AM, 02/08/2012
Aww! Ashton Kutcher took Mila Kunis on a romantic vacation to Bali recently! The pair are "madly in love" but are trying to take things slow, since...READ MORE ▶
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