The Tisdales Approve of Scott!

Sunday 6:18 PM, 20/09/2009
The Tisdales Approve of Scott!

Ashley Tisdale looked like a real lady when she left Bokado restaurant in Sherman Oaks after having had lunch with boyfriend Scott Speer and the entire Tisdale family! Good on Scott for already getting along so well with the family. Now that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have started talking about their engagement plan maybe it's your turn next Ashley?!
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.(non member) 1
20/09/2009 7:45 PM
Is it just me or is that guy super tall?

wow(non member) 2
20/09/2009 8:43 PM
eitha she is rly short
or he is jus tooo tall

gossipgrilyfreak185(non member) 3
20/09/2009 11:35 PM
why is she blond again... in my opinion the darker
hair really looked better! it's more ashley the
rock girl, now she is back being her high school
musical character sharpey -.-

22/09/2009 9:08 PM
ohmygooooooooood, i love ashley's baggggg !!!

Talll(non member) 5
20/10/2009 1:16 PM
He is too tall!He is 2 metre long!Ashley is 1,65-I
am not so sure and he is 2 metre i think

aliceaeiou45678978(non member) 6
05/11/2009 9:15 PM

vennesa(non member) 7
14/11/2009 3:19 AM
wa! tht is crazy after all she done out on the
citie's she i a crazy wild little girl but she
needs to make anew movie to get more poparatzie

life(non member) 8
14/11/2009 3:23 AM
vennes is so cool

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