A-Listers Agree: Blondes DO Have More Fun!

Will the war between brunettes and blondes ever stop? Probably not! For now it seems like the blondes are taking over, a lot of A-list celebs are bleaching their hair to platinum or sunkissed blonde shades. Click on the pictures to see some beauties who has left the dark side!
Agyness Deyn black hair fur black eyeliner blonde hair black lace dress
Nicole Richie looks happier, healthier and hotter in her blonde hair.
Ashley Tisdale brown curls white top blonde curls white lace top
Agyness' silver blonde hair made her stand out from her modelling colleagues. She dyed it black once, but we're glad she's back in blonde!
Cameron Diaz brown locks green earrings white dress blonde locks black shirt
Long, dark curls vs shorter blonde curls, on Ashley Tisdale.
Christina Aguilera dark brown hair red and white dress blonde curls white shirt pink lips
We love Cameron Diaz's blonde locks!
Drew Barrymore dark hair red lips green dress blonde hair nude lips green dress
Before Christina Aguilera started sporting the platinum blonde look, her curls were dark!
Katherine Heigl brown big curls black dress blonde hair purple dress
Drew Barrymore is a beautiful blonde!
Lindsay Lohan dark brown hair black top black hat blonde hair black off the shoulders top
Wow, Katherine Heigl looks so much better in blonde!
Nicole Richie dark brown hair blonde hair with bangs yellow dress
The dark and the super blonde Lindsay Lohan. We prefered her natural red hair though!
Rachel McAdams brown hair white dress deep cut blonde hair white dress pink lips
The lovely Rachel McAdams has rocked both brown and blonde hair.
Scarlett Johansson dark brown hair red lips nude dress blonde locks green dress
Source: WENN.com
Scarlett Johansson is always stunning, but she looks best with honey blonde hair.
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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