Ashley Tisdale

2 July 1985, New Jersey, USA
29 years

Scoot Speer, Jared Murillo
Ashley Tisdale is an American actor/model/singer who appered in High School Musical. She loves sushi, pink and has Leonardo DiCaprio as her favourite actor. Ashley Tisdale was discovered in a shopping mall at the age of three, whereupon her family moved to New York. She then began working for the same agency as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan. At the age of twelve Ashley Tisdale was offered into the White House where she sang the national anthem for President Bill Clinton.

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White is the new black!

Sunday 9:07 PM, 05/07/2009
White is the new black!
Audrina Patridge Cassie Miley Cyrus Lauren Conrad Mischa Barton Cheryl Cole Mary-Kate Olsen Rihanna Ashley Tisdale Petra Nemcova
It's summer and the celebs let their feelings flow...and it seems as if white is the absolute hottest right now. But who wore the trend best?


Who wore it best?

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Beach Babe!

Ashley Tisdale and Scott Spear showing off their love!

Sunday 7:32 PM, 05/07/2009
Ashley Tisdale and Scott Spear showing off their love!
Cute beach-dress! Happy couple! Ops! Ain't no cellulites on that but no!
Ashley Tisdale sure is a hot beach babe! She was spotted in Maui with her boyfriend Scott Speer when celebrating the holiday. They were unabashedly showing off their budding relationship as they kissed, played and lavished attention on each other in and out of the waves in Maui on the 4th of July.
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Fashion Battle!

Who Wore It Best?

Tuesday 3:55 PM, 30/06/2009
Both Singers Ashley Tisdale and Keke Palmer chose this cute purple leather Elise Overland dress to award ceremonies this year. While Keke left the dress bare and basic with minimal accessories and simple black pumps, Ashley added Balenciaga studded belt and sexy strapped heels. Who is the real fashionista?


Who wore it best?

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Hot like no other

Ashley Tisdale Rocks Out at The Grove!

Sunday 6:13 PM, 28/06/2009
Ashley Tisdale Rocks Out at The Grove!
High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale looked like a real rock 'n' roller on stage at The Grove where she performed songs from her upcoming album Guilty Pleasures. Tisdale was dressed all in black with make up to match and looked, well, hot! Watch Ashley perform Tell Me Lies here:


Will you buy Ashley's new album Guilty Pleasures?!

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Love is in the air

Ashley Tisdale has the perfect date!

Thursday 5:13 PM, 18/06/2009
Love the bag and shoes - as usual!
so sweet! he looks a bit embarrassed! Caugh out being romantic!
We think High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale and her new boyfriend music video director Scott Spear are so cute together! They are obviously still very much in love! Scott sure knows how to treat a girl too! He showed to take Ashley on a date yesterday with a lovely bunch of flowers and he walked up to her door and led her to the car like a real gentleman! Lucky Ashley seems to have found the perfect guy!

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Ashley Tisdale Goes Grunge!

Wednesday 7:34 PM, 17/06/2009
Ashley Tisdale  Goes Grunge!
ashley a little edgier She looks cool! love those boots actually
High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale appeared on the Good Morning America Show yesterday to promote her new album Guilty Pleasures and she sure looked a whole lot different from her High Musical character Sharpei! Ashley is definitely showing her rockier edgier side with her fashion choices lately! While rehearsing she wore this Skeleton T-shirt, a pair of leggings and some hardcore biker boots and for the actual performance she wore sexy little shorts and a funky top! Tell us what you think of her edgier style.

Ashley's single off the album live:


Ashley's grungey rock look is:

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