Ashley Tisdale

2 July 1985, New Jersey, USA
29 years

Scoot Speer, Jared Murillo
Ashley Tisdale is an American actor/model/singer who appered in High School Musical. She loves sushi, pink and has Leonardo DiCaprio as her favourite actor. Ashley Tisdale was discovered in a shopping mall at the age of three, whereupon her family moved to New York. She then began working for the same agency as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan. At the age of twelve Ashley Tisdale was offered into the White House where she sang the national anthem for President Bill Clinton.

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Posh24 Top List - Hottest Celebs of 2009!

Monday 10:25 AM, 04/01/2010
2. Vanessa Hudgens 3. Lauren Conrad 4. Zac Efron 5. Robert Pattinson 6. Britney Spears 7. Ashley Tisdale 8. Rihanna 9. Lindsay Lohan 10. Angelina Jolie
Here is a pretty interesting top list from last year, the hottest celebrities of 2009! We are not too surprised that Miley Cyrus tops the list, but we are a bit disappointed that Mr Pattinson didn't make a better score! And where is his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart?? And only 2 men made it to the list? Vote for your favourite from our list!

1 Miley Cyrus
2 Vanessa Hudgens
3 Lauren Conrad
4 Zac Efron
5 Robert Pattinson
6 Britney Spears
7 Ashley Tisdale
8 Rihanna
9 Lindsay Lohan
10 Angelina Jolie


My favourite is:

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Ashley Tisdale Keeps Up With Her Regular Routine!

Wednesday 8:11 AM, 30/12/2009
Ashley Tisdale Keeps Up With Her Regular Routine!
It's back to reality for Hollywood celebrities after all that Christmas food and for Ashley Tisdale that means a visit to her local gym and a coffee run at her favorite coffee house! We spotted the star buying coffee and water at her local Coffee Bean before heading to the gym to work off all that turkey! She sure has discipline that girl!
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Ashley Tisdale Loves Maui!

Monday 7:20 AM, 21/12/2009
Ashley Tisdale Loves Maui!
Her dog, not the island! Ashley Tisdale was spotted leaving her house in Studio City yesterday with her boyfriend Scott Speer and her furry little friend Maui who was much more into having his picture taken that Scott and Ashley! The three were headed into town for som last minute christmas shopping and as you can see Ashley was in lazy mode wearing Uggs and a hood sweater!
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Vanessa Hudgens Big 21 Birthday Bash!

Tuesday 3:57 PM, 15/12/2009
Vanessa Hudgens Big 21 Birthday Bash!
Sexy! All smiles! Even Selena Gomez needs to get past strict doorman! Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Scott Speeder!
Vanessa Hudgens was all smiles on her birthday yesterday! She turned the big 21, so it was an extra-special celebration! We spotted Vanessa earlier on in the day taking care of some last minute party arrangements and then she did an amazing quick-change into her sexy party dress and showed up at Hollywood hotspot EAST restaurant and bar to meet friends like Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale for the party! Of course we were there too, so take a look!
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Love birds

Ashley Tisdale Knows Opposites Attract!

Monday 11:04 PM, 14/12/2009
Ashley Tisdale Knows Opposites Attract!
Ashley is teeny tiny next to him! See she fits right under him!
High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale and her man Scott Speeder are one of our favourite new couples at the moment! Not only do they seem totally crazy about each other and always look like they are having so much fun together, but they are extra cute because they look so different! Scott is super-tall, especially when Ashley is in a pair of flat shoes, she literally fits under his arm! We spotted the couple yesterday braving the rain in West Hollywood and they seemed to be having a good laugh about how funny they look too!
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Ashley Tisdale Rolls Straight of the Bed!

Sunday 12:44 AM, 13/12/2009
It's nice to see that not all celebs dress up like Victoria Beckham when there's paparazzi around! Ashley Tisdale wore sweats, a hoodie and sheepskin boots yesterday when she picked up a coffee at the Coffee Bean yesterday afternoon and it almost looked like she had rolled straight out of bed and into her car! She still managed to look great though, like only Ashley can!
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