Ashley Tisdale

2 July 1985, New Jersey, USA
29 years

Scoot Speer, Jared Murillo
Ashley Tisdale is an American actor/model/singer who appered in High School Musical. She loves sushi, pink and has Leonardo DiCaprio as her favourite actor. Ashley Tisdale was discovered in a shopping mall at the age of three, whereupon her family moved to New York. She then began working for the same agency as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan. At the age of twelve Ashley Tisdale was offered into the White House where she sang the national anthem for President Bill Clinton.

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Love birds

Ashley Tisdale Only Has Eyes For her BF!

Monday 9:25 PM, 01/02/2010
Ashley Tisdale Only Has Eyes For her BF!
The look of love! Yum! She always looks so cute!
High School musical star Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Scott Speer are such a sweet couple! They are still so much in love! We spotted them running around their neighbourhood yesterday, picking up some movies and snacks and they didn't keep their hands off each other once the whole time they were out! They even snuggled while waiting to pay at the smoothie milkshake store, right there in front of everyone!
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Ashley Tisdale's Wacky Weather Styles!

Saturday 11:16 PM, 23/01/2010
Ashley Tisdale's Wacky Weather Styles!
When it rains in Hollywood and the celebrities can't wear their usual uniforms (jean shorts, loose tees and summer dresses) they seem to panic a little! At least that's what we gather after seeing Ashley Tisdale pick up coffee yesterday! Dressed in oversized shorts (Scott's no doubt), a weird rain jacket and sunglasses Ashley looked like she just didn't have a clue what to wear in the rain. It may be time to invest in a pair of Hunters and a cool rain jacket Ashley!
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Ashley Tisdale's Puppy Love!

Monday 11:02 PM, 18/01/2010
Ashley Tisdale's Puppy Love!
Too cute!
We spotted High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale out and about in her neighbourhood this morning getting her daily fix at the Coffee Bean in Toluca Lake. Ashley always looks good but she was wearing the cutest accessory ever on her arm! Her little doggie Blondie is just so adorable, especially now that both of them have gone blonde!
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Ashley Tisdale Slightly More Sophisticated!

Sunday 12:22 PM, 17/01/2010
Ashley Tisdale Slightly More Sophisticated!
We're used to seeing Ashley Tisdale in sweatpants and her hair in a messy bunch so we were a little surprised to see a more sophisticated Ashley in Toluca Lake yesterday! Wearing RayBans, a classic black coat, black YSL bag and with her hair in soft curls Ashley looked practically grown up! Perhaps she's preparing for a more serious acting career?
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Yes please!!

Celebrity style: Everybody loves sweats!

Friday 3:54 PM, 15/01/2010
Ashley Tisdale Halle Berry Hilary Duff Jessica Alba Lauren Conrad Leighton Meester Miley Cyrus Nicole Kidman Mischa Barton
Even though celebrities really love high fashion outfits they are also human and in the mood for some more soft and comfy clothes sometimes. We have seen some of our greatest stars go shopping in sweatpants and hoodies and many of them look really cool doing it! We have picked out some pictures for you from celebrities like Eva Longoria, Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Alba and we are thinking that it's time to get cosy too!(click on pics to see full outfits)


Do you like to wear sweats?

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Ashley Tisdale Doesn't Need a Stylist!

Thursday 7:05 AM, 14/01/2010
Ashley Tisdale Doesn't Need a Stylist!
Love that bag too!
Ashley Tisdale is one of those lucky girls who has the talent for throwing on just about any outfit and looking fantastic in it! We spotted her yesterday in this cute blue dress, blazer and boots and we have to say, on many other girls this could have looked like a trend-blend disaster, but Ashley rocked it! We wish we could swop clothes with Ashley, this girl has a wardrobe to die for!
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