Ashley Tisdale

2 July 1985, New Jersey, USA
29 years

Scoot Speer, Jared Murillo
Ashley Tisdale is an American actor/model/singer who appered in High School Musical. She loves sushi, pink and has Leonardo DiCaprio as her favourite actor. Ashley Tisdale was discovered in a shopping mall at the age of three, whereupon her family moved to New York. She then began working for the same agency as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan. At the age of twelve Ashley Tisdale was offered into the White House where she sang the national anthem for President Bill Clinton.

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Miley & Liam - All Over Each Other!

Friday 1:14 PM, 26/03/2010
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth John Travolta and Kelly Preston Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus Ashley Tisdale Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale Monique Coleman Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Monique Coleman Little Noah Cyrus is so cute! The Cyrus family
Miley Cyrus' new movie The Last Song premiered last night in Hollywood and of course she was there on the red carpet with her co-star and new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth! The couple were looking all into each other and their outfits even matched up! They are so cute! Miley's friend Ashley Tisdale was there too, with a brand new haircut and colour! We are loving the dark look on her - check it out!
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Ashley Tisdale Caught Red Handed!

Friday 10:14 AM, 19/03/2010
Whoops! What  a nasty surprise!
Oh no, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, learnt the hard way yesterday, that just because you're a celebrity, does'nt mean you can park wherever you want, for however long you want! Ashley parked outside the LeCompte Salon in Beverly Hills while she had her blonde hair done, but when she came back, she found she a nasty parking ticket on that cool Mercedes of hers! We hope she learnt her lesson, naughty lady!
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Miley VS Ashley - Who makes the cutest couple?

Monday 5:05 PM, 01/03/2010
Ashley and Scott are a lot more camera shy than Miley and Liam! Ashley adn Scott on a ice cream date! Miley and Liam are often out walking in Miley's neighbourhood and they don't mind stopping and posing with fans!
We spotted both Disney stars Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus out with the boyfriends yesterday in Los Angeles. Have you noticed that both the girls' boyfriends, Liam Hemsworth(Miley's) and Scott Speer(Ashley's) kind of look alike? So we want to know, which couple do you think is the cutest?! Lets see which lady with her tall, hot guy wins!


Which couple is cuter?

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Style Tip: Metallics!

Friday 6:16 PM, 26/02/2010
Sienna Miller wearing Balmain Kim Kardashian - love this little jacket! Olivia Palermo wearing the metallic floral trend - gorgeous! Jessica Alba Kylie Minogue's metallic detailed leggings aren't for everybody.... Alesha Dixion Lady Gaga Ashley Tisdale  Fergie Pixie Lott
Everyone is wearing metallics lately! The trend started lasted year for Fall and its still HOT HOT HOT for springs, with our favourite - metallic floral print dress a huge trend for the season. Of course lots of fashion forward celebs have been rocking the metallic trend, whether its a full metallic dress like Jessica Alba or just a splash of metal like Fergie at the Grammy Awards, here are some great ways to wear metallics straight from the stars!


Would you wear this trend?

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Style Tip: Tweed is Trendy!

Tuesday 5:00 PM, 16/02/2010
Christina Aguilera Kylie Minogue Lily Allen Caprice Bourret Kim Kardashian Stella McCartney Katy Perry Ashley Tisdale Ashlee Simpsson
What's hot in fashion changes from one season to another. Many fashionistas have a feel for upcoming trends, so that's why its good to look what they are wearing in everyday life. Right now many fashiorn forward ladies are wearing tweed. We have spotted Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Katy Perry in tweed looks and especially we like the little jacket by Chanel! We have also seen stars in dresses and coats in tweed! What do you think? Are you longing for a tweed jacket a lá Chanel?


Tweed är...

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Tags: Kate Moss / Chanel


Ashley Tisdale Looking for A New Movie?

Sunday 4:30 PM, 07/02/2010
You'd think Ashley Tisdale gets a million movie offers a day as famous as she is but it seems that Ashley has to go to auditions like everyone else! Yesterday she was spotted outside Iconic Casting Agency in Toluca Lake and even though she looks pretty in anything it might have been a good idea to wear something a little more fancy than sweats?
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