Winter Jacket Special! Which One Is Your Favorite?

Sunday 9:16 AM, 06/11/2011
Winter Jacket Special! Which One Is Your Favorite?

Kate Moss

Ashley Olsen

Keira Knightley

Olivia Palermo

Blake Lively

Kate Bosworth

Zoe Kravitz

Katie Holmes

Mary-Kate Olsen

Emma Watson

Leighton Meester

Lily Cole

Rachel Bilson

Nicole Richie

Sarah Jessica Parker

Are you like us bending yourselves over backwards trying to find the perfect winter jacket for this season? Well we've got some inspirational pics that might make things a whole lot easier for you! We've gathered winteresque candids of some of our favorite celebrity fashionistas, and we're pretty sure there is a little something for everyone here. Enjoy!
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lol99(non member) 1
06/11/2011 7:23 PM

Birsje(non member) 2
06/11/2011 9:00 PM
Kate Moss

hihi(non member) 3
07/11/2011 8:27 AM
nicole richie xx

jessicaflip (Posh24 member) 4
24/04/2012 4:51 PM
All their jackets look amazing, I am sure I cannot
afford to buy one because they cost a fortune, but
if you search on
s/">Tulsa classifieds you can find similar
cheap jackets for sale. I think that E

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