Ashley Olsen's Unique Body Jewellery - Hot or Not?

Friday 12:21 PM, 08/07/2011
Ashley Olsen's Unique Body Jewellery - Hot or Not?

On a side note, we really think the Olsen twins might be going somewhere with the abstract-stripes trend! We have already added it on our to-buy list!

We spotted one half of the Olsen twins, Ashley Olsen leave her hotel in New York City yesterday. We were loving her brown leather bag, black sandals, abstract-striped skirt and over-sized nude sweater but.. What was up with the body jewelery? It was like nothing we had ever seen before, and we just can't tell if it's going to be the next big thing, or the next big no no. The jewelery was a band made of small silver balls and it had a small pink crystallized string attached. We're having serious problems deciding if we love it, or if we hate it. Mind helping us out by voting?


The jewelry:

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XxX(non member) 2
08/07/2011 4:41 PM

M(non member) 3
10/07/2011 3:46 PM
It`s just amazing!

IrisA(non member) 4
22/09/2011 3:13 AM
I love it

Frakalan (Posh24 member) 5
28/09/2011 2:56 AM
shes really pretty i have been watching full house
since i was like 6

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