Top List: Ashley Greene's Hottest Beauty Looks!

Kristen Stewart isn't our fave Twilight girl - Ashley Greene is! Ashley's Red Carpet style is interesting, sometimes it's fabulous but sometimes we wonder what she was thinking. But she always manages to look stunning shoulders up. Click on the pictures to take a look at Ashley's hottest beauty looks!
Ashley Greene dark blonde hair highlights red lips red dress
10. An okay beauty look - not great, not horrible.
Ashley Greene dark blonde hair highlights white top tan
9. A couple of years ago, Ashley's hair was shorter and brighter.
Ashley Greene black dress red curls pink lips
8. Fantastic make up, but the hair seems a bit too heavy.
Ashley Greene dark straight hair dark red lips tan white top
7. The lips and the dress look great together.
Ashley Greene blue dress red curls pink lips
6. Straight, sleek, sexy!
Ashley Greene red dress red lips dark brown curls
5. Ashley looks sweeter and softer than ever before.
Ashley Greene gold sequin dress dark brown hair
4. Ash's slicked back hair is so cool!
Ashley Greene white jacket dark brown curls
3. Slightly shorter, red curls. Stunning!
Ashley Greene gold dress long dark hair straight middle part
2. The color combo with the lips, cheeks and the dress is fab!
Ashley Greene red dress dark brown hair slicked back silver earrings
1. Don't these soft curls look great on Ashley? Wow!
Published Jan 30 2012 2:37 PM
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