Ashley Cole

20 December 1980, London, England
34 years

Cheryl Cole
Ashley Cole is a British football player who plays for Chelsea Football Club. He used to play for Arsenal. His wife Cheryl Cole is a member of the band Girls Aloud and has been named one of the 20 sexiest footballers wives. He recently discovered that he is related to Mariah Carey.

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Digitial Love: 10 Celebs Who Dumped Or Were Dumped By SMS!

Wednesday 3:11 PM, 13/06/2012
Ouch! Britney Spears decided to end her two year marriage to Kevin Federline by sending him a text while recording a TV interview. Talk about multitasking. Apparently Samantha Ronson broke up with former girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, via SMS. Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, and Jessica Simpson had a short fling, which he ended by a sms that said, "Really busy. Need space." One Direction star, Zayn Malik, was once dumped through SMS by a former girlfriend. Cheryl Cole was finally sick and tired of her husband, Ashley Cole, cheating on her so she sent him a text saying "Move out. It's over." After having a big fight with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer sent her a text that said, "That's it- the end." Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's former goddesses broke up with him via text last April. Carrie Underwood dated Gossip Girl hottie, Chace Crawford, but Chace ended it with a text. Come on Chace, we know you are better than that! Ok so Taylor Swift wasn't dumped by text, but she was dumped by voicemail! Joe Jonas left her a 27 second break up message! That's rough.
Break ups suck. No matter who is the one doing the dumping, it's just a painful process no matter what. But break ups by text message... those are the worst! And even A-Listers aren't immune to this digital diss. We listed 10 celebs who have either dumped or been dumped by SMS, click on the pics to find out who they are.
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Jewels are Cheryl Cole's New Love!

Thursday 6:21 PM, 30/09/2010
Diana Vickers Karen Millen Selena Gomez Zara Martin Tamara Beckwith and Anoushka Beckwith
After her divorce from cheating Ashley Cole, Cheryl Cole has found a new love that is much more satisfying, jewelry designing! Cheryl launched her new range of capsule rings for the Gruosi "Promise" collection and some of her star friends, like Selena Gomez came to the party at Nobu in London to celebrate!
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Finally Home Cheryl Cole!

Sunday 10:22 PM, 05/09/2010
England's sweetheart Cheryl Cole boarded a plane at LAX in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon and headed home to London! Cole whose divorce from footballer Ashley Cole was finalized this week is back home to shoot some scenes for the X Factor and we know the Brits are thrilled she's back in town!
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Breaking News!

Its Official: Cheryl Cole Dumps Cheating Husband!

Wednesday 8:37 AM, 24/02/2010
Bad boy!
Footballer Ashley Cole has gone too far finally! His pop singer wife Ashley Cole has announced that she is seperating from him after his latest cheating scandal, where 3 different women have come forward claiming to have had affairs with Ashley in the last year! Cheryl's reps released this statement yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles where Cheryl is recording music at the moment: "Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time." Good for you Cheryl, Ashley seems like such a player! (Source: MailOnline)
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Cheryl Cole Escapes the Scandal in LA!

Thursday 6:36 PM, 18/02/2010
She has replaced her wedding ring with costume jewelry
Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole arrived at LAX yesterday to work on her new solo album. The rumour is that she may be staying with Victoria Beckham while she is in Los Angeles to get away from all the drama around her at the moment. Cheryl's husband footballer Ashley Cole has been accused of cheating on Cheryl after a woman showed some very sexy pictures that were sent to her from Ashley's phone. Victoria Beckham is probably the best person for Cheryl to be around at the moment,as she knows exactly what its like when the world knows your husband has been bad! Unlike Victoria however, we hear Cheryl has been seeing a lawyer and is thinking about divorcing Ashley! Good for her! Watch this space as the story develops! (Source: DailyMail)
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What a failure

What is Cheryl Cole Wearing?

Thursday 7:25 PM, 02/07/2009
What is Cheryl Cole Wearing?
No Cheryl! Atleast she is having fun!
It was Girl Aloud singer Cheryl Cole's 26th birthday yesterday and her and husband Football star Ashley Cole went out on the town in London to celebrate! The couple looked like they had a great time with friends and eventually went back to the Mayfair Hotel where they are staying, late into the night! Even though Cheryl was voted The sexiest woman alive by UK FHM Readers earlier this year, she is no fashionista! That birthday dress looks like it belongs at the icescapes not in Fashionable London clubs!

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