Ashlee Simpson

Jul 9 2013 10:20 AM

Ashlee Simpson Heading To A Dance Studio In Hollywood!

Jun 12 2013 8:54 PM

Top List! Cute, Weird And Odd Hollywood Baby Names!

We all know Kim Kardashian is expecting a girl now and we guess we're not the only ones that are excited to see what she and Kanye will name their baby...

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Pete Wentz Admits That He Was Addicted To Pills!

Famous bassist Pete Wentz has opened up about his addiction problems and when his life took a dark turn...

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Ashlee Simpson Might Lose Custody Of Her Son Becuase Of Bad Booze Habits!

Ashlee Simpson's alcohol problems is really getting serious...

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Did You Know They Dated?! Couples We've Forgotten About!

Celebrities have new partners pretty much every single day, and sometimes we're having the hardest time trying to keep track on who's dating and who's not...

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Family Crisis! Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Won't Talk Anymore!

Trouble in paradise...

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Top 10! Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

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Famous Celebrity Nose Jobs!

Many celebrities from Hollywood can't seem to see how beautiful they really are- and instead of appreciating their natural pretty looks they go under the knife and change their looks completely...

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Who Pulled It Off And Who Didn't?! Celebrity Redheads!

So many of our starlets have tried the redhead trend, but who did it better...

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Prep For Summer With Perfect Sunnies!

Summer is here, which means that we will spend a lot of time outdoors...