Anna Piaggi

1 January 1931, Milan, Italy
84 years

Alfa Castaldi
Anna Piaggi is an Italian fashion icon, stylist and writer. She is well known for her spectacular way of dressing. Anna Piaggi has been working on magazines such as Vanity and Vouge. She married photographer Alfa Castaldi in 1962.
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 8:22 PM, 04/10/2009
8. Supermodel Linda Evangelista looks like she put an animal around her neck. Creepy! 7. What is this?? American actress Diane Farr matches her black nightgown with jeans and an awful vest.... 6. Glamour queen Jordan has no feeling for trends! This "dress" is no hit... 5. We love the artist Lady Gaga but this  outfit is not creative its just ugly! 4. You could mistake actress America Olivo for being on her way to a the waitress! 3. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been seen in Paris lately and she has tried to dress up, but the result is quite disastrous! 2. Britney Spears is back on this list again. Congrats! Need we say more? 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED
... is by far Italian Anna Piaggi. Anna is a fashion editor for Vogue and many see her as a fashion icon. We can't see why!
So here are the latest fashion disasters from the world of celebs. As we often point out, many stars really ought to take more help from stylists. Britney Spears has made a strong comeback to this list as you will see.
One of our regulars is Jordan who never seems to learn. This weeks no 1 is a legend in the industry of fashion, but her outfit this week was horrible!


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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