Anna Anka

28 April 1971, Poland
43 years

Louis Yeager, Paul Anka
Anna Anka is married to singer and songwriter Paul Anka (2008). Anna was born in Poland, but was adopted by a Swedish family at the age of three. Anna Anka has a daughter, born in 2002, from an earlier marriage and a son, born in 2006, with Paul Anka. Anna moved to USA in 1993 and has done both modeling and acting (i.e. Dumb & Dumber, 1994). She was married to Louis Yeager for a month and she kept the name Yeager until she married Paul Anka. Anna Anka has today no contact with her biological family in Poland or her Swedish family.
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Excuse me?

Hollywood Wife Disses Victoria Beckham!

Monday 3:48 PM, 21/09/2009
Reality TV star, Swedish born Anna Anka has some serious dirt on former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham! Anna, who is married to legendary song writer Paul Anka says that Victoria is well known as Hollywood's biggest bitch! Anna is one of the stars of reality TV show "Swedish Hollywood Wives". Anna says she witnessed Victoria screaming and shouting at an exclusive boutique because all her credit cards were declined and Anna says Victoria treated everyone as if she was better than them! Ouch! What do you think? Is Anna jealous of Posh or is she telling the truth?


Whose side are you on?

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