Was Amy Winehouse On Drugs When She Died?!

Wednesday 9:20 AM, 24/08/2011

You had so much life left, Amy!

You had so much life left, Amy!

We miss you!

We miss you!

We've received some new information about the death of Amy Winehouse that completely shocked us back in July. Amy's family has confirmed that the singer was not on any drugs at the time of her death. The toxicology reports came back clean for illegal drugs but they do show that she had been drinking.

Of course this is pretty surprising to us since Amy had struggled with substance abuse, but it's good to know that maybe she finally conquered her problem. We don't know if she had any prescription drugs in her system, which are often deadly if mixed with alcohol. The official report will be issued in October and then we will know the cause of her untimely death.

What do you think about this report? Are you surprised that Amy wasn't on drugs? (tmz)
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sadasda(non member) 1
24/08/2011 10:40 AM
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to light. Enter at: bisi.pl/gl5

HeySoulsister(non member) 2
24/08/2011 12:33 PM
Here's a news flash for you, Alcohol is
technically a drug.

shatha(non member) 3
24/08/2011 2:11 PM
go to HELL amy i really hate u!!!!!!!!!

yaya(non member) 4
24/08/2011 3:20 PM
See you were bad mouthing her for nothing

Honest_Girl (Posh24 member) 5
24/08/2011 3:33 PM
I agree with Shatha!! No one sould feel sorry for
her! She died because of what she was doing to
herself, and she knew it was gonna happen sooner

...(non member) 6
24/08/2011 8:15 PM
illuminati girl.

Stick_To_The_Truth(non member) 7
24/08/2011 11:31 PM
To be honest,i dont like her and i dont hate
But i think she DID die because of something
related to drugs!

okayy.(non member) 8
26/08/2011 12:14 AM
stop hating on amy, she made a bad decision, but
it is an addiction, you can't just stop, and she
just didn't think to stop soon enough, it was too
late, it is no reason to hate her... she was a
talented young person who didn't deserve to die.
would you r

naydee(non member) 9
26/08/2011 11:16 AM
amy is a good singer there boyfriend got her n

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