Amy Winehouse

14 September 1983, London, England
31 years

Blake Fielder-Civil, Pete Doherty, Josh Bowman
Amy Winehouse is a British soul and jazzmusician who released her debut album in 2003. She has had much attention in media apart from her singing. Amy Winehouses distinctive style, most notably her signature hairstyle, has spawned imitators and been the muse for fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld.

Amy Winehouse struggles with drug and alcohol addictions and selfdestructive behaviour. She has been plagued by legal troubles that have led to the cancellation of several tour dates and dissapointed fans.

Amy Winehouse passed away at the young age of 27 on July 23 2011.

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Amy Winehouse bilder och skvaller | Allt om Amy Winehouse!

Tuesday 5:47 PM, 08/02/2011
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Miley is dating Winehouses ex!?

Tuesday 10:32 AM, 08/02/2011
Miley! Perhaps it is a boyfriend she needs to stop doing stupid things...
Miley Cyrus has lately been very intimate with Josh Bowman, who is four years older than the 18-year-old Miley. They starr together in the movie "S...READ MORE ▶
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They are the same age!

Sunday 6:22 PM, 26/12/2010
Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Manson Amy Winehouse and Cheryl Cole Natalie Portman and Paris Hilton Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen Madonna and Sharon Stone
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Amy Winehouse's Latest Single - Does she sound drunk?

Wednesday 12:58 PM, 03/11/2010
Can she still sing?
Amy Winehouse is gearing up to release a new album. She has been singing live at small private venues and has given a few interviews too, claiming that she is sober and her life is all back to normal and that she is happy. She also has a new single out. Its a cover of the classic "Its my party..." and it features music icon Quincy Jones. Some people are saying she sounds drunk and slurry in it. We think maybe that's just Amy's style of singing....what do you think? Listen and vote!
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Amy WInehouse sounds...

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Celebrity Bad hair fever!

Tuesday 6:21 PM, 02/11/2010
Helena Bonham Carter must think that having her make up done is more important than brushing her hair. We do not agree in this case. Hey Kelly Osbourne! The mean school teacher called and she wants her fringe back. Pink is nice Lily Allen, but not on your head. Amy Winehouse do knows how to rock a birds nest as a hair style. Or not. Nice candy floss.. ehum we mean hair, Lady Gaga. Beyonce, you are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Why do this hair to your self? Charlie Clemmon's hair pops over to the other side. Looks weird, not cool. The icon Cyndi Lauper maybe just "wanna have fun" but her hair looks as if it could need a ton (or two) of conditioner. Evangeline Lilly, we hope this is a wig.
We all have bad hair days. And bad hair color, styling, cuts... well quite simply days when our hair looks like something the cat dragged in or as if you've dropped your head in a bucket of paint really. Thank god celebrities are no exception! Posh24 here gives you some examples that will make you feel much better. Don't you just love a few good laughs on someone else's expense?


Who had the worst bad hair day?

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Celebrity junk food lovers!

Saturday 2:57 PM, 23/10/2010
Whitney Port Ashlee Simpson Holly Madison Jennifer Lopez Heidi Klum Tori Spelling Kate Bosworth Victoria Silvstedt Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Jennifer Garner Emma Roberts Mary J Blige Amy Winehouse Paris Hilton
It's time for some naming and shaming! You didn't think us mortals were the only ones who slipped up in our diets, did you? Celebrities crave junk food just as much as we do and luckily for us, some of them gets snapped by the paparazzi when caving in to it! If you're wondering whether or not to treat yourself this weekend, we think this picture gallery will make you feel just in the mood to do so. We say go for it, you only live once!
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