Amy Poehler

16 September 1971, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
42 years

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Will Arnett
Amy Poehler is an American actress and also a comedian. She is most known for beeing one in the cast of the tv-show Saturday Night Live. Amy Poehler played in movies like "Baby Mama" and "Blades of Glory".
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Friday 10:06 AM, 07/03/2014
The MTV Movie Awards 2014 is set for April 14 with host Conan O'Brien, and yesterday the list of the nominees was announced.

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Hey There Couch Potato! What's Your Fave Sitcom?!

Tuesday 3:13 PM, 06/09/2011
Kenneth might just be our favorite character on "30 Rock" or possibly ever! We also love Tina Fey! We think "The Big Bang Theory" is HILARIOUS! Will you miss Steve Carell on "The Office" or will it still be super funny? It took us awhile to get hooked on "Community" but once we did, we couldn't stop watching! Amy Poehler is hilarious on "Parks and Recreation" but we also love the characters Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford! "How I Met Your Mother" is like a modern day "Friends." So funny, so great!
Every Fall we look forward to our favorite shows returning to TV! We spend cozy Fall nights cuddled on the couch and laughing at all of the hilarious sitcoms! Some of our faves are 30 Rock, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office! But there are so many more that we just love! It's hard to decide which is our absolute favorite! What's yours?


What's Your Favorite Sitcom?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 6:12 PM, 23/08/2011
We have to admit that Elizabeth Banks looks cute, but we hate her dress and the light pink and black combo! And it's not flattering on her awesome figure! Is Zooey Deschanel going to a kids party acting as a funny clown? Nope! She just wore an awful dress! We love the black and white but this outfit is too much! Hello Grandma! What did you think when you went for this look Amy Poehler? Stay out of your grandmother's wardrobe next you're going to a fashionable event! You know that we love red and pink together, but Rashida Jones' dress has the worst fit EVER! There's no excuses! Kathryn Hahn really tried to look fun and summery, but what a disaster! We would LOVE this look if she had gone for some higher heels and chosen a dress in a plain color, either orange or pink! But flowers and a bow? Come on! We have no words for the outfits that Hayley Hasselhoff and Taylor Ann Hasselhoff wore! They look like white trash trying to look trendy! Ugh!
This week's worst dressed celebs failed totally! From a futuristic robot to an old grandma, celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel left their fashion sense at home and we wish that they hadn't! Check out more ugly outfits and learn from their mistakes! Do you agree with our choices?
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The Funniest Ladies In Hollywood!

Thursday 9:13 PM, 21/07/2011
Cameron Diaz is such a funny  girl, we love Bad Teacher! Tina Fey is hilarious, weather she's doing movies or her show, 30 Rock! We love Katherine Heigl in "Knocked up" and "Killers". So funny! Jennifer Aniston is the uncrowned queen of comedies! Kate Hudson's "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" is a classic! Sandra Bullock was brilliant in "The Proposal", which is one of our favorite movies! Kristen Bell, the next Jennifer Aniston? Cute Drew Barrymore has done comedy for some time now!
We love romatic comedies! There're so funny and the ladies in them are too! But it's always the same actresses in these types of movies. In fact, doesn't it seems like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson have had the female leading role in most of the comedies for the past 10 years?

But that's why we love them right? Because they're funny, charming and relatable. You don't always need to take on super serious roles just to prove you're a good actress! These women have the ability to makes us smile year after year. But who do you think is the funniest actress in Hollywood right now? Let us know!
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