Who Can Replace Simon Cowell?

There have been lots of rumours flying around about who will take Simon Cowell's place now that he has left the American Idol judgiing panel. Sir Elton John and Justin Timberlake have made it very clear that any ideas that they are in talks for the spot on the show are totally untrue, so who could it be?

The latest news that Idol is interesting in Jessica Simpson and that she has had a few meetings with the show's producers, but nothing is final yet and we will have to wait until September when it will be announced officially. What do you think of Jessica for the job? Does she have what it takes? (Source:
Who could ever do what Simon did on Idol?
Does Jessica have what it takes?
Justin is not interested
Sir Elton John definitely won't do it!
Sir Elton John definitely won't do it!
Source: WENN.com
Sir Elton John definitely won't do it!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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