American Idol: Lee DeWyze Wins - Goodbye Simon - Hello Madonna?!

Congratulations to Lee DeWyze the surprise winner of the latest season of American Idol! Everyone thought that runner up Crystal Bowersox would win it, as she has been a favourite the whole season, but in the last few weeks Lee has been stepping up his game and it worked for him!

But many people are saying that what this season of American Idol will be remembered for the most, is not the contestants, but the year that Simon Cowell left the show! Last night was Simon's last night as an Idol judge and their was a great tribute to him, where 7 previous Idol winners and 15 old contestants sang "Together We Are One" for Simon and previous Idols judge Paula Abdul made a surprise appearance too! Simon was actually emotional and said he would miss the show very very much! Sweet!

We might not have to cry about Simon leaving the show for very long though, the rumour is that Idol producers want pop icon Madonna to replace Simon as a judge and if she says yes, we just can't wait to see! We think she will be fantastic! (Source:Yahoo)
Lee DeWyze jeans jacket beard
Lee DeWyze - the winner!
Crystal Bowersox earrings necklace hairstyle dreadlocks
Crystal Bowersox
Simon Cowell white shirt jacket
Bye bye Simon
Lee Dewyze beard spiky hair
Bye bye Simon
Madonna black jacket bold chain hairstyle blonde curls
Madonna for Idol!
Published May 27 2010 8:42 AM
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