American Idol

June 11, 2002
Reality TV show
27 wins (2 Primetime Emmys) and 61 nominations
American Idol is a spinoff from Pop Idol created by British Simon Fuller. The aim is to discover the best singer in the country through nationwide auditions. Twelve finalists sing a song and after each song they get criticized by the judges. After each show America must vote for a finalist. The contestant with the least amount of voices is eliminated. The show goes on until their is only one contestant left. The winner is crowned "American Idol" and wins a recording contract worth approx. $1,000,000.
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American Idol

Actor: Paula Abdul / Ryan Seacrest / Jennifer Hudson / Amy Adams / Carrie Underwood

Sexy Male Celebs in Skirts!

Tuesday 3:56 PM, 06/04/2010
Sex and the City star Kyle MacLachlan American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler Sir Sean Connery Marcus Schenkenberg - sexiness! Alan Cumming Donald Trump Jr. Joan Jett Marcus Schenkenberg Cristen Chin and Nigel Barker Thom Evans Joan Jett Melania and Donald Trump Kellie Pickler Louise Linton
Ok some of the men were sexy hehe! The annual "Dressed to Kilt" charity fashion show took place in New York City last night at the M2 Ultralounge and there were lots of male and female celebs on the red carpet and then the runway dressed up in check skirts(kilts) and outfits, like famous Scotsman Sean Connery, funny guy Mike Myers, hot model Marcus Schenkenberg and even Donald Trump were there! Take a look!
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Miley Talks About Love on Ellen!

Friday 12:50 AM, 02/04/2010
girl talk!
A week after being a mentor on American Idol, Miley went to talk about her experience helping out all the contestants with their song choices on the Ellen Degeneres talk show last night and of course, she couldn't help talking about her new love and co-star Liam Hemsworth! Miley was so cute as she talked about how happy she was with him! Check out the cool gift Ellen gives the happy couple too! Watch it here:

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Whose Sexy Studded Shoes?

Wednesday 11:10 PM, 31/03/2010
Those hot, ready for Spring shoes belong to former American Idol winner and country singing sensation Carrie Underwood! This girl has amazing taste in shoes, we have to say! She attended a charity event sponsored by Pedigree dog food to encourage people to adopt a pet in New York yesterday and the doggie was cute, but we also want to adopt those shoes!
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Love birds

The Whole New Simon Cowell!

Monday 11:48 AM, 15/03/2010
So happy together!
It looks like love really can change people! Famous mean guy Simon Cowell and his new fiance Mezhgan Hussainy were spotted taking a romantic walk in Malibu yesterday holding hands. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Simon laughing and smiling at the cameras and looking like a happy and in-love almost sweet guy! Has his new love softened him? We never thought that was possible! Mezghan must be one special lady!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:21 PM, 07/03/2010
8. Salma Hayek has no excuse for bad clothing, her husband owns luxury clothing brands like Gucci! This dress is so unflattering on her figure and those boots make her look more like a pixie than a stylista! 7. Kara Dioguardi might be a great judge of singing talent on American Idol, but she definitely doesn't have the same skills when it comes to choosing dresses! This dress she wore to the Vera Wang boutique opening in Los Angeles was an awful choice for her! 6. Phoebe Price in another overdone outfit! The purple stripes, the lace stockings, the studded belt and the knee-high boots - its all too much! Its like she read a trend-guide for winter and just put on everthing on the list at once! Fail! 5. Estelle's sparkly blue party dress would have been so much prettier if it was the right size! She is one step away from a wardrobe malfunction in that little dress! 4. We are starting to seriously doubt singer Ciara's sense of style! She hardly ever gets it right on the red carpet lately. We know she is trying to show off that fit body of hers, but there are more flattering ways to do that than this! 3. There is a saying that if you are really beautiful you can ever wear a black bag and look hot! This is not the case for Brooke Shields! She has hidden her curves completely in this black sack dress! 2. We have no idea what went wrong with Mena Suvari this week! As if the badly- fitting pink retro dress wasn't bad enough, What was with this crazy hairdo? Was she trying to make some kind of statement? We really didn't get it! 1. Nobody has been able to top Courtney Love's bad fashion this week! She is still in Europe and doing the Fashion Week front rows. Won't someone please help this woman out! Can't her designer friends help to style her atleast before they let her sit in their shows?
Oh no, this week has been filled with fashion messes again! From Milan Fashion Week to the pre-Oscar parties there has been bad fashion and styling everywhere! We just can't understand what girls like Mena Suvari and Ciara were thinking! Take a look and see!


who wins the worst prize?

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Victoria Beckham - Her Own Best Ad!

Friday 6:15 PM, 05/03/2010
In a funky print for a Vogue magazine dinner party In a cool blue dress suit at the American Idol auditions Pretty in an A-line black cocktail dress Classic Victoria with the belted shift dress and cut-out neckline Again in dramatic black, but with some edgy metal detailing on the shoulders. We love the how her dresses fit the body to flatter! Updated Jackie-O style! Another sexy little back dress - Victoria knows what women want! The business outfit Yes and it comes in red too! The suit-dress everyone has been wearing!
Ever since Victoria Beckham first launched her own clothing label at Fashion Week last year, it has been a huge success. All the hottest celebs have been seen wearing her creations, but no one wears Victoria Beckham better than well, Victoria Beckham herself! She has been seen everywhere lately in her own designs. From red carpet events, to her guest judging appearance on American Idol. Victoria has said that she wanted to design a wardrobe full of interestiing basics that all fashionable women could wear from day to night and we think she has achieved that! We love her clothing! Take a look...
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