American Idol

June 11, 2002
Reality TV show
27 wins (2 Primetime Emmys) and 61 nominations
American Idol is a spinoff from Pop Idol created by British Simon Fuller. The aim is to discover the best singer in the country through nationwide auditions. Twelve finalists sing a song and after each song they get criticized by the judges. After each show America must vote for a finalist. The contestant with the least amount of voices is eliminated. The show goes on until their is only one contestant left. The winner is crowned "American Idol" and wins a recording contract worth approx. $1,000,000.
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American Idol

Actor: Paula Abdul / Ryan Seacrest / Jennifer Hudson / Amy Adams / Carrie Underwood

American Idol Shock: Ellen Out and J.Lo Might Be In!

Friday 8:33 AM, 30/07/2010
What would J.Lo be like on the panel? A rockstar on Idol?
Wow is there a shake-up happening inside American Idol this year! First Simon Cowell announced he was leaving and now new Judge Ellen Degeneres, who replaced Paula Abdul last year, has also dropped the bomb that she won't continue on as an Idol judge next season!

Elllen says she is a huge fan of the show, but she just couldn't handle handing out criticism, so there you go. The big question now is who will replace Ellen? The biggest rumour is that its Jennifer Lopez and some are saying that Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler is also in talks to join the show, but nothing is final yet. As we told you yesterday, there might be a chance that Jessica Simpson is taking Simon's seat, so its going to be a whole new panel this year!

The good news is we won't have to wait too long to find out, Fox is planning to make a big official announcement on the new American Idol judges this Monday! In the meantime, what do you think of all this drama? (Source:People)
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Who Can Replace Simon Cowell?

Thursday 12:52 PM, 29/07/2010
Does Jessica have what it takes? Justin is not interested Sir Elton John definitely won't do it!
There have been lots of rumours flying around about who will take Simon Cowell's place now that he has left the American Idol judgiing panel. Sir Elton John and Justin Timberlake have made it very clear that any ideas that they are in talks for the spot on the show are totally untrue, so who could it be?

The latest news that Idol is interesting in Jessica Simpson and that she has had a few meetings with the show's producers, but nothing is final yet and we will have to wait until September when it will be announced officially. What do you think of Jessica for the job? Does she have what it takes? (Source:
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Adam Lambert Bringing Glam Rock Back!

Wednesday 8:28 PM, 23/06/2010
This man knows how to put on a show! Lady Gaga beware! Adam is in town!
Adam Lambert has to be the edgiest star to ever come out of American Idol! He is busy with an exciting summer tour of the USA right now and last night he performed at the Nokia Theater in New York City. He looked all goth and glam and wowed the crowd completely with his spectacular show. We just love that glitter eye makeup too!
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American Idol: Lee DeWyze Wins - Goodbye Simon - Hello Madonna?!

Thursday 8:42 AM, 27/05/2010
Crystal Bowersox Bye bye Simon Paula Abdul Madonna for Idol!
Congratulations to Lee DeWyze the surprise winner of the latest season of American Idol! Everyone thought that runner up Crystal Bowersox would win it, as she has been a favourite the whole season, but in the last few weeks Lee has been stepping up his game and it worked for him!

But many people are saying that what this season of American Idol will be remembered for the most, is not the contestants, but the year that Simon Cowell left the show! Last night was Simon's last night as an Idol judge and their was a great tribute to him, where 7 previous Idol winners and 15 old contestants sang "Together We Are One" for Simon and previous Idols judge Paula Abdul made a surprise appearance too! Simon was actually emotional and said he would miss the show very very much! Sweet!

We might not have to cry about Simon leaving the show for very long though, the rumour is that Idol producers want pop icon Madonna to replace Simon as a judge and if she says yes, we just can't wait to see! We think she will be fantastic! (Source:Yahoo)
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Green Day Goes Broadway!

Wednesday 8:32 PM, 21/04/2010
Mario Cantone Zachary Quinto Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day Elizabeth Gilles TR Knight Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day Camryn Manheim Smash it up!
The opening night of the new Broadway musical "American Idiot" happened last night at the St James Theater in NYC and the whole band was there of course to celebrate along with cast members Zachary Quinto and Elizabeth Gilles! Something tells us this isn't going to be any normal kind of Broadway singing, dancing love story! Green Day always has A LOT to say about politics in America!
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Christina Applegate Engaged!

Sunday 10:13 AM, 18/04/2010
Actress Christian Applegate confirmed that she and her boyfriend Martyn Lenoble are engaged. The couple have been dating for two years and got engaged two months ago on Valentine's Day. This will be both Christina and Martyn's second marriage. Congratulations!
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