American Idol

June 11, 2002
Reality TV show
27 wins (2 Primetime Emmys) and 61 nominations
American Idol is a spinoff from Pop Idol created by British Simon Fuller. The aim is to discover the best singer in the country through nationwide auditions. Twelve finalists sing a song and after each song they get criticized by the judges. After each show America must vote for a finalist. The contestant with the least amount of voices is eliminated. The show goes on until their is only one contestant left. The winner is crowned "American Idol" and wins a recording contract worth approx. $1,000,000.
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American Idol

Actor: Paula Abdul / Ryan Seacrest / Jennifer Hudson / Amy Adams / Carrie Underwood

Is J.Lo Making American Idol all about her?!

Friday 1:06 PM, 25/02/2011
The new look American Idol - Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler We have to say Steven is our favorite - hes so crazy!
Have you been watching American Idol? Wow are they really pulling out all the emotions this year! The have been so many heartbreak moments, we can'...READ MORE ▶
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Friday 12:54 PM, 21/01/2011
Are the new judges cool?
Season 10 of American Idol is here and it looks completely different again! The only familiar faces left on the show are original judge Randy Jackson and presenter Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler have joined the panel and the first episode had 26 million people watching, so it can't be so bad. Were you one of them? Randy Jackson is calling it the "jump-off and he says its going to be amazing?! Do you agree? Here is a clip of the best singer from the first episode and his amazing story. Tell us what you think!
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The new American Idol - will you watch it?

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Thursday 1:03 PM, 23/09/2010
She looks excited! We are guessing Steven is going to be the bad guy!
The rumors were all true! Ellen Degeneres and Kara Dioguardi and of course Simon Cowell have left American Idol and finally its official, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join Randy Jackson as the new judges!

A big press conference was held yesterday where American Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced the 3 new stars to each other and it was hugs and excitement all round. We think its going to be exciting and we can't wait to see if there is any diva behavior, we just can't decide if its going to be from Steven or J.Lo!
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Wednesday 8:48 AM, 15/09/2010
Her outfits are sure to be interesting!
Its official Jennifer Lopez is one of the new judges for the next season of American Idol! After spending the whole summer negotiating and lots of rumors about diva demands and stuff ruining the deal, its looks like its all been sorted with a year long contract and a rumored $12 million salary! We also hear Jennifer will be sitting on the panel for the first Idol auditions as soon as next week! Jennifer will be replacing Ellen Degeneres and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler will probably be taking Simon Cowell's seat. The only judge still on the panel from last year's show is Randy Jackson. We can't wait to see how J.Lo does! (Source: Wenn)
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J.Lo Out of American Idol & Mariah Wants In!

Thursday 8:51 AM, 12/08/2010
The new judge on American Idol drama continues! As we told you before, Jennifer Lopez has been in talks to replace Ellen Degeneres on the judging panel for American Idol, but it sounds like all those rumours about J.Lo being a diva might be true, because we just heard that the deal fell through and she is out.

Now another famous diva, Mariah Carey has announced that she would love the chance to be a judge on Idol and we think she would be a lot funnier to watch than Jennifer. Mariah's husband Nick Cannon said yesterday that everyone should start a campaign for Mariah on Idol and we agree! Just think of the silly outfits! (Source: Wenn)

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Steven Tyler Confirms He's Doing American Idol!

Tuesday 4:12 PM, 03/08/2010
What an outfit!
While performing in Las Vegas on Sunday Night, Steven Tyler confirms he is probably going to be a judge on American Idol next season, so it looks like the rumours are true! Steven and his girlfriend Erin Brady held an aftershow party at the MGM Grand's Studio 54 club and he told a reporter, "I'm doing American Idol, what do you think?". So far the American Idol producers haven't said much, but we think it would be kind of exciting to have a rockstar on the show, especially one like Steven! We will watch just to see what he wears every night, with that crazy style of his! What do you think?


Steven Tyler on American Idol?

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