Top 10: This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

We are not so sure about Rihanna's tight fishnet shorts, Jessica Alba's granny look and the way both Amber Rose and Madonna seem to believe they are members of the Glee cast. Click on the pictures to see this week's worst dressed celebs!
Amber Rose baseball jacket white short jeans skirt pink earrings
We know you want to push the enevole on fashion Rihanna, but this is too much.
Mariah carey long shimmery green grey golden dress wavy blonde hair
The Highschool Musical trend is for teens, Amber Rose!
Jessica Alba and daughter Haven Warren granny look jeans top knee skirt white handbag hair up
You have got a truly stunning body Mariah Carey, but that shimmery number is not doing it justice!
Kelly Osbourne neon green handbag black mc suede jacket purple hair long grey dress
Oh hi, it's Granny Jessica Alba!
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett black blue orange sequin sheath dress
It's not so much the clothes but the awful slippers that are destroying Kelly Osbourne's outfit!
Madonna cheerleader white red glee on stage red lips
Words are unecessary for #kendra_wilkinson-Baskett's sequin sheath dress.
Rihanna short net leopard print top long hair extensions leather cap
Another star who wishes she was 17 again. Get changed, Madonna!
Nicole Polizzi  aka Snooki red over sized top black leggings hair extensions black sunglasses
We are more concerned over Snooki's horendous hair extensions than her stop sign red top.
Michelle Williams black taight dress with strings red lips short blonde hair
Did Michelle Williams just step out of a medieval castle?
Diane Kruger long pink transparent lace skirt hair up small black bag
Could someone pass us the sissors, we want to even Diane Kruger skirt!
Published Jun 26 2012 7:06 PM
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