Amber Rose

1 January 1982, USA
32 years

Kanye West
Amber Rose is an American model and former exotic dancer. Her fame rised when she started dating Kanye West in 2008. She´s been in a "Louis Vuitton" ad featuring Kanye West's new line of sneakers. Amber Rose has also been in several music videos, in for example a Ludacris video.

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Celebs Crazy For Blue!

Saturday 7:51 PM, 04/12/2010
Lourdes lightens up her outfit with a pair of colorful leggings Popstar Christina Aguilera keeps herself warm in a cosy blue scarf Old hottie Tom Jones looks sharp in blue lightblue shirt and tie! Nice match Tom! Melanie C, former sport-spice takes the chance and put two trends together, blue and leopard! Lady Gaga doing her thing as always! Posh24 loves Keshas turquoise lipstick and think she looks fierce! Kanye West ex-girlfriend Amber Rose looks good in pretty much anything, even blue hair! Paloma Faith goes for the vintage look here matching scarf, headband and stilettos
Roses are red, violets are blue..The celebrities are always ahead of us when it comes to fashion and new trends and some of them aren?t afraid to take it to the next step!

A passion for blue seems to have settled among these celebrities and the color appears on both lips and hair! If you?re not ready to go all in like Katy Perry, do like Beyonce and wear a colorful sexy dress or match your black outfit with a pair of leggings like Lourdes! Feeling brave? Get inspired by Kesha and put some blue color on your lips and we promise you?ll be the center of attention at the party!
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The most disastrous celebrity catwalk Moments

Tuesday 11:09 AM, 23/11/2010
Kelly Osbourne looked like a goth puppet on the Fashion Relief runway show on Olympus Fashion Week in 2006. She's very stiff and obviously doesn't have full control of her body, just look at that arm sticking out! It's a must for any successful runway model to be fully aware of each and every one of her body parts. Nicky Hilton followed in her sisters steps walked the Heatherette runway show at Olympus Fashion Week in 2005, and she was every bit as disgraceful! She lost her shoe on the catwalk and stopped to put it back on while laughing and excusing herself, a big mistake! Everyone has set times on when to go out and if one model stops to put her shoe back on, it might disrupt the whole show. Estelle is another good example of someone who isn't aware of how all her body parts look! On the Zac Posen runway at New York Fashion Week last fall she looked like a peacock rather than a fashion model with her arms out on her side like that and she's also looking at the crowd instead of keeping her eyes straight forward. A big no no! Pixie Geldof tried to be a little cute on the Fashion for Relief catwalk at London Fashion week this year, but it just ended up looking like she was having some kind of seizure! Do not try and be spontaneous on the catwalk. If you want to do something different or quirky, practice at home in front of the mirror first. Alexandra Burke was obviously very excited to get to walk the Fashion for Relief runway at London Fashion Week this year. She couldn't stop laughing and hence her posture and walk got all messed up! Leaning forward with crooked shoulders doesn't do much for that dress Alexandra! Nicola Roberts handled the Fashion for Relief runway at London Fashion Week this year pretty well, until she got to the end of the catwalk. When striking her final pose she put her hands on her stomach instead of on her waist to mark it. Lesson number one, be aware of your body. Geri Halliwell was loving it up at the Fashion for Relief runway at London Fashion Week this year. She made the runway all about herself with cute little faces, smiles and well, licking her fingers. Amber Rose has obviously gained some weight since her break up with Kanye, her legs have gotten massive! She didn't really do anything wrong up at the Indashio runway at New York Fashion week this year, but her look was so shockingly awful that we just had to show you! Chris Brown looked sort of angry and uncomfortable at the same time when walking the Fashion for Relief runway at New York Fashion week earlier this year. He had his head tilted up a bit too much, he wasn't walking in the middle of the catwalk and it looks like he was chewing something! He also could of rolled up his sleeves a little bit to display that watch better. Tori Spelling obviously let her emotions get the better of her when walking the The Heart Truth's runway at New York Fashion week last year. Just look at that awful posture! She has to be the worst one yet. She's making faces, looking at the crowd, shrugging her shoulders, channeling a bird neck and stopping midway so that the models are piling up behind her!
Celebrities are known to multitask pretty well. They'll design clothes, release perfumes, guest star in shows and write books all while juggling their main career at the same time. What they don't seem to be able to handle that well though, is the runway. You'd think that walking 200 feet might be the easiest of job them all but these 11 celebrities will prove you different! They all tried wow on the runway, but ended up being a bit of a disgrace! Leave the catwalk to the professionals next time ladies.

Out top 5 modeling tips:

Always think how to display your garment in the best way, not yourself.

Always be aware of every single part of your body, don't let arms just hang about freely and always keep a straight posture.

If you make a mistake, like stumble or drop a shoe - don't stop, laugh or excuse yourself, just keep on walking like nothing happened. The show must go on at all costs!

Do not at any point of the show look at the crowd, always keep your head up straight and your eyes right in front of you.

It's easy to want to be spontaneous while walking the runway, with all that adrenaline rushing through you but please don'! And if you absolutely have to, practice it in the mirror first so it won't end up looking plain stupid.
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 5:19 PM, 15/11/2010
8. Just because Daisy Lowe put a jacket over it, doesn't make this rouged leather dress okay! We didn't like it on Marion Cotillard a few weeks ago and its not much better on Daisy. 7.  Bonnie Wright  wore this black sack to the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie this week. We understand its tough to compete with fashion darling Emma Watson on the red carpet, but seriously, she could at least try! 6. Ok so this dress isn't actually so bad, we just think its totally wrong for Priscilla Presley. Is she trying to do high fashion with the sleeve detail? She just looks like mutton dressed as lamb - in the 80's! This printed dress is actually kind of funky. The way Jaime Winstone wears it though, she is looking a bit like like a dirty goth at a Mexican Day of the Dead party. Agreed? Oh no, way to ruin that beautiful hour glass figure Kim Kardashian! Those gold patterns make her look so much wider and bigger than she actually is! British singer Diana Vickers is trying too hard here again. We are just not in love with this purple printed jumpsuit at all! How old is Kirsten Dunst again? Barely 30, but in this vintage Chanel she looks like an old granny! The idea behind wearing vintage is to look cool and edgy not old fashioned! Oh no another styling disaster from Amber Rose. Too tight and tasteless for our liking. This girl looks like she has raided Grace Jones' old stage costumes and is running wild with them on the streets. Not a good look!
We are truly shocked at this week's list! Too much boring and tasteless clothing for just one week! We expect from Paris Hilton and Diana Vickers lately, but what are Daisy Lowe and Kim Kardashian doing? They should know better!


Who was worst?

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Amber Rose is Famous For Nothing!

Sunday 2:14 PM, 10/10/2010
Nobody ever got famous so quickly for doing nothing than Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose! We spotted the bootylicious model leaving the Mayfair hotel in London, England, yesterday in a giant fur hat, leather jacket and leggings that showed off all her curves!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 2:32 PM, 27/09/2010
8.  Don't become a victim to fashion trend like Fearne Cotton did this week! Just because 70's wide hip pants are back in fashion right now, doesn't mean you have to wear them, especially if they don't suit your body type. These are a definite no for us for Fearne! Especially with that blouse! 7. Amber Rose attempting a sophisticated look? It still doesn't work for us. This outfit is way to try-hard for us and there is so much going on at the top and then nothing at the bottom. Balance Amber, its the key to dressing well, especially if you are at Fashion Week! 6. Even in Vivienne Westwood Pamela Anderson is too much, but we guess that is just her look. Just once we would like to see Pam looking a little more natural and toned down...its probably never going to happen though... 5. We get why Tyra Banks wore an office outfit to the "Wall Street: 2", its the whole theme for the movie, but for us its still a big no. Oh and her hair back like that is a terrible look for her. This tiny head, huge forehead, big boobs and hips look makes her totally out of proportion! 4. Sophia Vergara hiding those great curves again! When will she learn! She is trying to be taken more seriously, we get that, but why take away all your best assets? This snakeskin print dress is totally the wrong color and fit for her! 3. We are not sure what the hell Jennifer Lopez was thinking at the big American Idol press conference last week. The jumpsuit wasn't the best match for her body and the BIG hair was a total disaster! Fail! 2. Eliza Doolittle at London Fashion Week. Where do we start. Sneakers with red socks sticking out? the neon belt on top of the leopard shorts and the barely there top. Its way too much! We don't know where to look!  This badly wants to be a hot look but it just falls apart, just like that top looks like its falling off her shoulders! 1. Jaime Winstone again attempting a Lady Gaga look? When is this girl going to learn to make her own style? Disco might be back in this season, but that doesn't mean you should hit the streets looking like a crazed femmebot!
Getting into a style rut is easy to do and its dangerous, especially when the look wasn't that flattering to begin with, just ask Taylor Momsen and Pamela Anderson! Ladies were trying to be noticed with their individual crazy style this week, but some of them failed badly. Here is our list for the week.
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Street Style: Celebs Looks Straight off the Streets!

Wednesday 8:46 PM, 22/09/2010
Paloma Faith in a wearable outfit! We never thought we would see the day. How sophisticated does she look in this short suit with the lace and the net over her face! Wow! Reese Witherspoon is California cool in her electric blue dress and jacket Dolph Lundgren brings a little Scandinavian style to New York! Vanessa White from the Saturdays going rock chic at London Fashion Week! Mary J Blige blending the military and animal print trends in Manhattan - it works! Even with a big belly Stella McCartney's camel jacket is the perfect overall for a day look! Kylie Minogue is always glam, even when she is just walking around the street! That jacket is a must-have! Lindsay Lohan trying out a few classics, but as always its all a little much... Amber Rose is determined to be fierce at Fashion Week! Nicola Roberts keeping up with the Autumn trends with a printed dress and leather biker jacket
So much style on the streets this week, we are totally inspired. Its a good thing too, because the weather is getting colder and the Autumn 2010 trends are here to stay! Check out these fashionistas rocking their latest looks and we want to give special props to the Brits this week. Wow!
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