Amber Rose

1 January 1982, USA
32 years

Kanye West
Amber Rose is an American model and former exotic dancer. Her fame rised when she started dating Kanye West in 2008. She´s been in a "Louis Vuitton" ad featuring Kanye West's new line of sneakers. Amber Rose has also been in several music videos, in for example a Ludacris video.

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E! Still Partying After Oscars!

Wednesday 6:30 PM, 10/03/2010
Amber Rose Benji Madden Cheryl Burke Ben Lyons Giuliana De Pandi Rancic from Black Eyed Peas Corey Feldman from Black Eyed Peas
Days after the Oscars the E! Hollywood Channel is still hosting after-parties! The Hills star Audrina Patridge and Benji Madden were partying with people like the Black Eyed Peas and Amber Rose and they all seemed to be having a great time! Who says the party has to stop just because the ceremony is over! We hope the partying keeps going this whole weekend too, we love seeing all the pictures and the fashions!
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The Futuristic Trend - Would You Wear it?

Wednesday 3:55 PM, 03/03/2010
Dannii Minogue London Fashion Week - Fashion For Relief catwalk model Rihanna

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310-657-9661 Anna Wintour Camilla Dallerup Lady GaGa Leona Lewis Jennifer Connelly Miley Cyrus Estelle Claire Merry Amber Rose Reese Witherspoon Kate Moss
Many celebrities have been rocking a pretty interesting clothing trend lately. Leona Lewis wore a silver futuristic dress at the BAFTA awards, Fergie wears metallic space outfits on stage and Lady Gaga and Rihanna love them too! What do you think of this trend? Are you brave enough to try it out? Take a look at these examples worn by the stars and share your thoughts!


Would you wear this trend?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 7:43 PM, 21/02/2010
8. Lily Allen the Vampire queen? Strange choice, especially as the dress is cut to show her figure in all the wrong places! We do like the hair though! 7. Last week Michelle Williams  did black and white with total vintage style, but this week its not working so well for her!  The belt detail on this dress cuts her body in half and makes her look much bigger than what she is...why Michelle? 6. We are getting used to Amber Rose's strange taste in fashion, but that doesn't make it ok, does it? We love the colour with her hair and skin, but everything else is a total style no no! 5. Aubrey O'Day knows that fairy dresses are hot right now obviously, but really, did she have to show off all that  much cleavage?  4. Congratulations on your  Oscar nomination Maggie Gyllenhaal! But is that really the dress you want to be seen in to the entire world? Sometimes quirky is just not cool at all! 3. Kelly Osbourne's new skinny look was the talk of Fashion Week and we have loved seeing her new girly style, but this orange and black print dress made her look a little too much like a cartoon character from the stone age! 2. Pamela Anderson showed off a fit figure on the Richie Rich runway at Fashion Week, but did we really have to see so much of her? Not stylish, and definitely not pretty! 1. Courtney Love dressed as a circus runaway this week in London definitely has our vote for the craziest outfit this week! It didn't help that the top part of this dress kept falling off of her either!
Fashion Week always brings amazing style and trend¨spotting, but it also is full of wannabe fashionistas trying out their unique style for the cameras! We didn't love stars like Kelly Osbourne and AnnaLynne McCord's attempts at impressing the world with their fashion, but this week's number one really seemed to be dressing in the dark. As usual! See who she is below!
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Who is your favourite Fashionista?

Monday 7:12 PM, 15/02/2010
Michelle Trachtenberg Shenae Grimes Jessica Szohr Beth Ostrosky Sophia Bush Leigh Lezark Amber Rose Kelly Osbourne Whitney Port Peaches Geldof
They are seated at the front row of all the major runway shows at New York Fashion Week. Many of them are socialites, some are young Hollywood starlets and others reality TV stars. They all have a great style and beauty. We are jealous of them because of all the amazing clothes they get to wear, but kind of look up to them for style tips too! Which one of these fashionistas is your favourite?


Your favourite?

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Kanye West Airplane Rage!

Thursday 8:39 AM, 04/02/2010
Bad boy!
Rapper Kanye West had one of his famous fits again! This time it was on an airplane flight because Kanye was put on in a business class seat and not a first class seat! The rapper kicked up a huge fuss until he and his manager were bumped up to the VIP seats. Really, someone should rent a private jet to Kanye, someone with his temper should not be flying commercial! (Source: NYP)
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 4:53 PM, 31/01/2010
8. Kristen Bell shows again why cut-out dresses are not the best idea, especially if you are a not a crazy tall supermodel! We also think this colour does nothing for her! 7. Oh no AnnaLynne McCord! We get what kind of look she was going for here, but somehow AnnaLynne has turned then Grecian godess thing into a slutty comicbook character! Costume has never been stylish! 6. Michelle Monaghan's one-shouldered grey-pattern dress for the Screen Actors Guild Awards had so many problems, we don't know where to start! It doesn't fit well, its too short and it cuts her body in half with the design! 5. True Blood star Anna Paquin tried high fashion couture for the red carpet - and failed! Ladies take this lesson again - what is good for the runway is not always good for the red carpet! 4. We hate to say this but Patricia Arquette looks a little like a sea witch cartoon character in all that green sequents! A very bad choice for her body type with a terrible hairdo to match! 3. This is model Amber Rose with her boyfriend Kanye West at the Chanel couture show in Paris this week! We absolutely don't see anything stylish about the dress and we really wish this girl would stop embarrassing herself and the very fashionable Kanye in public like this! 2. There are no excuses for Mischa Barton in this outfit! She is supposed to know better, she is a famous fashionista with her own line of accessories! What were you thinking Mischa?! 1. We have only one thing to say to singer Kelis about this outfit: the biggest mistake you can make with fashion is to copy someone else's style, especially if its VERY distinctive! There is only space for one Lady Gaga in the music industry, so try something else Kelis!
We don't understand what was going on this week in the celeb fashion world! So many stars decided to experiment with strange cartoon-like versions of themselves, we are very confused! It wasn't pretty and we really hope they have all learnt their lesson from this!


Who is your worst dressed celeb?

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