Amber Rose

1 January 1982, USA
33 years

Kanye West
Amber Rose is an American model and former exotic dancer. Her fame rised when she started dating Kanye West in 2008. She´s been in a "Louis Vuitton" ad featuring Kanye West's new line of sneakers. Amber Rose has also been in several music videos, in for example a Ludacris video.

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Wiz Kahlifa And Amber Rose Intend To Get Married!

Saturday 5:21 PM, 28/01/2012
We're really looking forward to the big day!
Rapper Wiz Kahlifa and model Amber Rose has been a couple for a while, they have always seemed perfectly happy together, and now they intend to get...READ MORE ▶
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Get in fashion This Fall! Dr. Martens Orders!

Tuesday 5:06 PM, 20/09/2011
This is a great look on Emma Roberts! Jessie J totally rocks in her boots! Super Model Agyness Deyn loves her Dr. Martens, and we do too! Amber Rose looks really cool! Lourdres white Dr. Marten's. We want them!
The hottest celebs have been walking around looking very cool in Dr. Marten's lately! The ever so cool Pixie Geldof is often seen wearing her classic black pair, and our absolute favorite is Madonnas daughter Lourdres white Dr. Martens boots!
Fall is at the doorstep, and we are ready to put on our Martens!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 6:25 PM, 28/06/2011
This dress is a bit dated and does nothing for Andie MacDowell. Paloma Faith, there are no words for this outfit.... This dress is actually really pretty but we think it's too much with the pink shoes and pink dress! Try a nude shoe next time Katie! We thought there was nothing worse than gingham, well, we were wrong- try a gingham playsuit. Ugh, Amber Rose, just ugh! We think that Anna decided to glue some purple, glittery pipe cleaners to her dress before leaving. The vomit green color of this dress plus the sheer skirt is too much on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It's too much on anyone!
Some celebs never learn.... and we're not sure if they're going with their gut instinct (we hope not) or if they just second guess their outfit choices, but either way they need to do a double take in the mirror before leaving home! See why we put celebs like Katie Cassidy and Anna Paquin on our worst dressed list!
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Celebs Perfect Pouts!

Saturday 9:08 AM, 18/06/2011
Drew Barrymore has a sweet smile. Vanessa Hudgens blowing kisses! We think Rachel McAdam's pink lipstick is so lovely! Angelina Jolie is famous for her lips! Anne Hathaway is gorgeous! Amber Rose has seriously amazing lips. Love the glam red lips on Amanda Seyfried! We love the nude lip on Jennifer Lopez! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is quickly becoming famous for her lips, they're awesome!
When doing makeup, we often play up our eyes, it's so easy to create smokey, sexy eyes, but sometimes, we end up neglecting one of our most important features: lips!

While the eyes may be the window the soul, lips are probably even more important, especially if you're looking for a goodnight kiss! Some of our favorite celebs have some seriously perfect pouts! Who do you think has the best lips?
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Geek Is The New Chic!

Friday 5:09 PM, 17/06/2011
Amber Rose looks great! We love Fearne Cotton's white frames! Hayden Panettiere! Kelly Osbourne! We love that Britney Spears wears glasses! Oh Wow, Leona Lewis is super hot in her glasses! Christina Hendricks! Michelle Williams manages to make glasses look edgy! Myleene Klass. We love the cat-eye frames on Katy Perry!
Glasses are super popular right now, and we couldn't be happier. After years of being called "four-eyes" by school bullies, we're so excited to proudly rock this trend!

Big, slightly thick framed glasses are really hot, it's a mix of granny-meets-Buddy Holly and might take some getting used to, especially if you usually wear wire framed glasses. If your in the market for new glasses, don't be afraid to go a bit geeky, you'll have that whole sexy librarian look going for you, and men just can't resist that! Check out these celebs have made geeky glasses work for them!
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Top Shaved Head Shockers!

Tuesday 3:08 PM, 24/05/2011
Demi Moore truly became G.I Jane. Natalie Portman (can we just say, if any one can look stunning with a shaved head it's Natalie!) Singer, Cassie, went with a half buzz cut. Model, Alice Dellal, opted for a space age look: half shaved head, half long hair. Skunk Anansie looks very rock n roll with her shaved head. Amber Rose looks really amazing with her shaved head, it's not a look that every girl can pull off! Solange Knowles cut off all of her hair after becoming tired of hair relaxers. We love this look on her!
Our favorite female celebs are usually known for the long, luxurious locks! We really envy them for their shiny curls and stick-straight strands, sometimes it's just not fair! So you can imagine our shock when all of sudden their hair goes from sultry to shaved. Check out these celebs who bewildered us with bald heads!
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