Amanda Bynes

3 April 1986, California, USA
29 years

Frankie Muniz, Nick Zano, David Cross, Channing Tatum
Amanda Bynes is an American actress who has wanted to act since she was three years old. She was a straight A-student and her favorit subject was English. She is friends with Frankie Muniz. She loves coca-cola.
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Amanda Bynes: "I Have An Eating Disorder!"

Saturday 10:08 AM, 06/04/2013
Amanda Bynes slams the media again! Let us briefly say that she has been in the media blowing weather the past year and the world has got to be wit...READ MORE ▶
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Here's What The Celebs Have Been Up To On Twitter This Week!

Tuesday 9:14 PM, 02/04/2013
Former teen queen Amanda Bynes posed in front of the mirror. Spice Girl's Geri Halliwell took a ride on her bike. Why was Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed in a bridal vail? She didn't tell... Elle Macpherson posted a picture of her birthday cake - it looks delicious, right? Hilary Duff hanging out.
Celebrities post all kinds of fun things on Twitter every week, and this past one is really no exception. Jennifer Love Hewitt was dressed up in a bridal vail and Hayden Panettiere showed off her favorite snack. Click on the pics and see what the celebs have been up to this week!
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Amanda Bynes' Rauncy Tweet: "Want Drake To Murder My Vagina!"

Friday 12:22 PM, 22/03/2013
People are wondering whether Amanda Bynes' Twitter account is hacked, or if she in fact is coming on very strong on Drake. It looks more li...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Claims She's Not In Trouble: "I'm A Retired Multimillionaire!"

Saturday 4:00 PM, 03/11/2012
Not troubled. Not at all... Amanda back in the days! Before she became Hollywood's scandal queen number one.
Looks like someone's mad. Really mad! Amanda Bynes has exhibited more disturbing behavior recently and we were not that suprised when reports claim...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Stripped Down Naked In Tanning Salon Lobby!

Friday 8:15 AM, 02/11/2012
What has gotten into you, Amanda?!
Amanda Bynes is clearly no longer known for her acting skills, since she's become a real scandal queen. Just the other day she caused a scene when ...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Opens Up About The Scandals: "I'm Doing Amazing!"

Saturday 8:15 AM, 22/09/2012
Amanda has finally opened up about the recent scandals! "I'm doing amazing!". Really, Amanda?
There has been much controversy surrounding Amanda Bynes recently. The former actress has been up to all sorts of scandals the past few months, inc...READ MORE ▶
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