Amanda Bynes

3 April 1986, California, USA
28 years

Frankie Muniz, Nick Zano, David Cross, Channing Tatum
Amanda Bynes is an American actress who has wanted to act since she was three years old. She was a straight A-student and her favorit subject was English. She is friends with Frankie Muniz. She loves coca-cola.
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Wyclef Jean Denies The Rumored Collaboration: "Who The Hell's Amanda Bynes?"

Friday 1:30 PM, 21/06/2013
A while ago, Amanda Bynes reveald that she would be releasing an album with Wyclef Jean's help. But reps for the former Fugees rapper tell T...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Calls Miley Cyrus 'Ugly' On Twitter!

Thursday 3:26 PM, 13/06/2013
Amanda Bynes is pretty much out of control, and the past few months she's been going crazy on Twitter. Her latest target? Miley Cyrus. The f...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Is Homeless - Evicted From Her NYC Apartment!

Monday 1:00 AM, 03/06/2013
All the trouble and scandals that are revolving around Amanda Bynes doesn't look to reach an end. Amanda's erratic behavior has caused a num...READ MORE ▶
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Britney Spears Is Reaching Out To Amanda Bynes!

Saturday 6:27 PM, 01/06/2013
Britney Spears has gone through some rough years lined by scandals and erratic behavior in her past, so it might make sense why she is suppo...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes To Rihanna: "Chris Brown Hit You Cause You're Ugly!"

Monday 2:55 PM, 27/05/2013
Amanda Bynes has caused several scandals lately, and here's another one. Yesterday she tweeted to Rihanna, telling her that she isn't pretty...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Tweets After Arrest: "I've Never Had A Bong In My Life!"

Sunday 8:00 AM, 26/05/2013
After hours of being arrested for marijuana possession, Amanda Bynes took Twitter to speak her mind and to insist that she doesn't do drugs...READ MORE ▶
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