Amanda Bynes

3 April 1986, California, USA
28 years

Frankie Muniz, Nick Zano, David Cross, Channing Tatum
Amanda Bynes is an American actress who has wanted to act since she was three years old. She was a straight A-student and her favorit subject was English. She is friends with Frankie Muniz. She loves coca-cola.
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Amanda Bynes gets extended stay in hospital!

Tuesday 11:39 AM, 14/10/2014
Amanda Bynes was recently taken to a hospital to get psychiatric help and Us Weekly has now been able to confirm that she is gonna get an ex...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Has Been Hospitalized Again!

Saturday 6:05 PM, 11/10/2014
After a series of scandals recently, Amanda Bynes has once again been placed on psychiatric hold. The former actress was taken to a facility...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes caught by security guards!

Thursday 9:55 AM, 09/10/2014
Amanda Bynes have now been accused of stealing at the luxurious department store Barneys, in New York. According to TMZ Amanda put on a $200...READ MORE ▶
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Has Amanda Bynes Lost it Completely?

Monday 10:09 AM, 06/10/2014
Amanda Bynes was seen strolling the streets of New York this weekend. Nothing wrong with that but according to TMZ she wore a big band-aid o...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes In Even More Trouble

Wednesday 11:34 AM, 01/10/2014
Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes and now Amanda Bynes can add fashion school dropout to the list. Or dropout might be a nice wa...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI!

Tuesday 9:30 AM, 30/09/2014
Amanda Bynes has ended up in trouble again. The former actress, who completed her rehab treatment program at a facility in Malibu last year,...READ MORE ▶
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