Engaged life really suits Alyssa Milano!

Monday 12:47 AM, 12/01/2009

Newly engaged Alyssa Milano looks better then ever nowadays and the gigantic engagement ring on her left hand really suits the actress to a T! This weekend she and her fiance David Bugliari were spotted leaving a West Hollywood restaurant and Alyssa looked great in a white cardigan over a white silk dress and a crimson purse with matching finger nails! An extra point for her cute haircut too!
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köä(non member) 1
12/01/2009 1:56 PM
Engaged life really suits Alyssa

Whoa(non member) 2
12/01/2009 4:05 PM
Wow, from finland!
I think Alyssa is really

miss_sasha_naomi (Posh24 member) 3
22/07/2009 11:42 AM
Alyssa looks gorgeous! I'm very happy for her...:)

Angela-Fergunson (Posh24 member) 4
05/08/2009 5:15 PM
Alyssa is great!David too!

sophia(non member) 5
17/08/2009 11:18 AM
She is very beautiful :)
They make a great
couple! ^^

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