Alicia Silverstone

4 October 1976, San Francisco, USA
38 years

Benicio del Toro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler
Alicia Silverstone is an American actor who started out doing tv-commercials already at age 6. Had her big break in the movie Clueless from 1995. Has dated Adam Sandler. Alicia is also a vegan. Alicia has won several awards for her film performances including MTV Movie Awards, National Board of Review, and Young Artist Awards. She has been nominated for an Emmy award and a Golden Globe Award. During her career, she turned down several key roles in films, including Dede Truitt in The Opposite of Sex, and a role in Scream 3. She was also considered for the roles in Scream 2, Bewitched, Little Women and Heartbreakers Speaks fluent French.
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Red Carpet

A Star-Studded Evening At The 2013 American Music Awards!

Monday 9:02 AM, 25/11/2013
Ariana Grande. Kesha. Lady Gaga. Kelly Osbourne. Nicole Richie. Alicia Silverstone. Emma Roberts. Zoe Saldana. Rihanna. Yea, Lady Gaga came in on a white horse-kind-of-thing. Miley Cyrus. Christina Aguilera. Jennifer Hudson. One Direction. Katy Perry. Austin Mahone. Jordin Sparks. Heidi Klum. Justin Timberlake. Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner.
We spotted more A-listers rocking the red carpet of yesterdays' American Music Awards, than we could ever believe. They were all fashionable, cool, chic and crazy, and they all looked fabulous at the gala. Click on the pics and see all the red carpet pics from the 2013 American Music Awards!
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Top List! Cute, Weird And Odd Hollywood Baby Names!

Wednesday 8:54 PM, 12/06/2013
2. Blue Ivy Carter is a name many of us know, and she's the daughter or Jay-Z and Beyonce.

3. Jamie Oliver's daughters are named Petal Blossom Rainbow, Daisy Boo Pamela and Poppy Honey Rosie.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is named Apple. We wonder if she thought of the fruit or the brand when naming her? 2. Alicia Silverstone's son's name is Bear Blu - we wonder what he will think of that when he's older. 6. Ashlee Simpson named her son Bronx Mowgli Wentz - and we bet he's the only one in the world having that name.
We all know Kim Kardashian is expecting a girl now and we guess we're not the only ones that are excited to see what she and Kanye will name their baby. One thing is sure - being surrounded by all these a-list celebrities in Hollywood, it could be a real crazy name. We've gathered some cool inspo, so click on the pics and read some of the most odd baby names in Hollywood right now!
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Celebs Send Their Prayers To Boston Marathon Bomb Victims!

Tuesday 7:59 AM, 16/04/2013
On Monday afternoon, two bombs exploded close to the finish line of Boston Marathon. Three people, one only 8 years old, is confirmed dead, ...READ MORE ▶
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Celebrity Look Alikes! Here Are Their Unknown Twins!

Monday 8:21 PM, 11/03/2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (right) looks a lot like the late Heath Ledger. They have the exact same eyes! Kristen Stewart could easily be taken for being Alicia Silverstone's daughter. Hottie x 2! Ian Somerhalder (left) and Chace Crawford are both eye candy - and each other's secret twin brothers. We'd really wanna see Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seyfried doing a movie together where they play sisters. We'd buy it! Keeping Up With The Kardashian series involves two look alikes: Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend (left) and Jonathan Cheban (right), Kim Kardashian's friend.
Did you know that several of our biggest Hollywood stars have secret twin sisters and brothers? Well, at least they kinda have, since they all look very much alike each other! We've taken a closer look at 6 celebrities, that definitely should be related to other celebs. Click on the pics and check them out - and no, you're not seeing double!
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10 Celebs Who Say No To Meat!

Friday 10:10 PM, 04/05/2012
Brad Pitt is a vegetarian and there are rumors that Angelina Jolie's meat-eating habits have started to upset him. Angelina was a vegan until she said the plant-based diet nearly killed her. Christina Applegate stopped eating meat when she saw blood on her plate while eating at a restaurant. Leona Lewis has been a vegetarian since she was 12 years old. Natalie Portman said: "I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff". Russell Brand has been a vegetarian since he was 14-years-old. Hayden Panettiere is a vegetarian. Gwyneth Paltrow is almost as famous for her green, vegetarian, yoga-going lifestyle as she is for her film roles. Anne Hathaway has had an on-again, off-again relationship with a meat-free diet. She's currently a a vegetarian. Alicia Silverstone stated, "like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. I’ve been vegan for 10 years."
Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Well so are some of your favorite celebs! We found 10 celebs who say no to meat. Do you know long Russell Brand has been a vegetarian or why Olivia Wilde chose a no meat diet? Click on the pics to find out why these 10 celebs are veggie lovers!

Olivia Wilde/url]
[url=]Brad Pitt

Christina Applegate
Leona Lewis
Natalie Portman
Russell Brand
Hayden Panettiere
Gwyneth Paltrow
[url=]Anne Hathaway/url]
[url=]Alicia Silverstone/url]

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Alicia Silverstone Chews Food For Her Son, Bear Blu!

Wednesday 9:05 AM, 28/03/2012
But we know that Alicia is a good mom!
Um, this is just gross! Alicia Silverston released a video of herself feeding her son, Bear Blu, breakfast by chewing the food herself and then fee...READ MORE ▶
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