Lindsay Lohan's Sister Ali Is Going To Korea To Be A Model!

ali lohan model south korea brown hair up bun floral dress blackberry phone
It looks like Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Ali Lohan is almost as desperate as she is to pursue a career. Ali was in the hot air a couple of years ago when it was revealed that she had plastic surgery at the age of 16, and changed her entire appearence. And now she's trying on modeling- in South Korea! The 18-year-old Ali will spend her next 30 days living in a 'model house' in Korea, where she and 4 other Americans will try to book gigs in the Asian market.

Ali has no problems moving there and she's said she'll keep in touch with her friends via Skype. Well, good luck, Ali. But next time, try studying instead perhaps? (celebitchy)
Published Jul 30 2012 4:02 PM
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