Ali Lohan

22 December 1993, New York, USA
21 years

Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister. Had a tiny role in her big sister's movie The Parent Trap. Is now rumored to be in High School Musical 3.
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Lilo Acting Crazy For a Change!

Tuesday 11:42 AM, 27/04/2010
Lindsay and her sister Ali Lohan Cute sisters? Soon she will be banned from every cool place in LA if she keeps behaving like this!
Even though Lindsay Lohan was all smiles last night at Millions of Milkshakes with her sister Ali Lohan, things have been pretty wild for her over the last few days! Not only is there drama with her dad trying to get her to go to rehab (read more here ), but she is back to stalking her ex Samantha Ronson again! Lindsay got herself banned from Los Angeles night spot Trousdale after picking a fight with Sam and eventually hurling an entire drink, that means including the glass, at her! Security removed Lilo immediately and she has been warned never to come back again. This girl is really nuts! (Source: Page6
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Latest news

Lilo's Dad Fails At Intervention!

Friday 8:52 AM, 23/04/2010
Does Lilo really need help? All for publicity?
Oh wow the latest in the Lohan Family drama! Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's dad showed up at her apartment yesterday morning with police officers to stage an intervention and force Lindsay into going to rehab, but Lindsay refused to let them in. Eventually Michael and the police got into Lilo's house to search the place because Ali Lohan, Lilo's sister is still a teen and lives with her, so the police have the right to check out the living space to see if its safe for a minor. Everything must have been ok, because Lilo was not taken into custody or anything, but she was raging mad!

She went onto to Twitter to blast her father and his addiction problems and what a bad father he has been her whole life. Meanwhile Michael was outside Lindsay's place talking to the tabloids of course! He says he is determined to help Lindsay and save her life no matter what. What a mess as usual! (Source: X17)
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Lindsay Ditches Court for Shopping!

Thursday 10:25 AM, 15/04/2010
We see you! Ali Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law again, after failing to show up for a court hearing yesterday! Back in 2007 a drunken Lindsay hijacked a car and the 3 men in it! The men have accused Lindsay of endangering their lives and there was supposed to be a full day long hearing yesterday, but after arriving over 90 minutes late, Lilo's lawyer announced she wouldn't be able to stay because of her hectic schedule and soon afterwards, she was spotted shopping with her sister Ali Lohan at the Switch Boutique in Beverly wonder she was trying to hide her face! Bad girl!
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Love is in the air

Lilo Back To Men!

Wednesday 4:05 PM, 20/01/2010
Lilo Back To Men!
What an outfit! That's a bit better!
Lindsay Lohan attended a private party at the Church clothing store in LA last night with her mom Dina Lohan and sister Ali Lohan. Since her breakup with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay has had a hard time moving on and has been rumoured to have all kinds of hook-ups with so many celebs its hard to keep up! Lilo has denied most of them, but now there is video proof that Lindsay is into guys again! She was spotted making out with a cute boy at the party! Lets hope he is sweet and not another train wreck! ( Click this link to TMZ to see Lindsay and her new hook-up!)
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On vacation

Back to Reality For Lindsay Lohan!

Wednesday 8:16 PM, 06/01/2010
Back to Reality For Lindsay Lohan!
The plane that would carry Lindsay to St Maarten where she probably hopped on a plane to New York! Lindsay seemed happy with her vacation! The two sisters matched in tye-dye!
And so vacation ends for Lindsay Lohan! Lindsay and her sister Ali Lohan were spotted checking in at the tiny airport of St Barths yesterday before hopping on a plane and flying to St Maarten. St Barths is such a small island that regular planes can't land there so celebrities have to get on the little propeller planes with all the regular "tourists". Lindsay didn't seem to mind though and smiled the whole time. We're guessing she had a good vacation on the island!
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Dina Lohan - Shoe Designer!

Thursday 7:58 PM, 08/10/2009
Dina Lohan
Dina with Lindsay's sister Ali Lohan and little brother Cody Lohan
It looks like fashion design is in the Lohan family blood! Lindsay Lohan is not the only creative one it seems (she is a creative consultant for fashion house Ungaro now), her mom Dina Lohan is trying her hand at shoe design now! Dina's line will be called "Shoe-Han" and is available through shoe company Dina is also going to be the new face of the shoe company and will be appearing on ads on TV and radio. Her own line will launch in time for Mother's day next year! Good luck Dina!!
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